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Still have all the old Nintendo Power issues too.

It's really amazing to think that magazine only stopped not even 2 years ago.  How it ever coexisted with the internet is beyond me.

Nintendo Power really started going downhill at around the time the GameCube was released.  I'm surprised it lasted for as long as it did...

(I'm personally not into Mega Man... I don't think I've ever even played any of the main series games.  But I did play a game from the Battle Network spinoff and that was pretty cool.)

The point is that most atheist mention his case as some kind of injustice or wrong(evil)...from whence do they draw a distinction between good and evil...what happened to Galileo was why was it wrong...why is it wrong to deny a woman the right to abort...why is it wrong to stop queers from "marrying? " There is no empirical answer..they must retreat to a preexisting that all people can recognise...if there is no such thing as evil...then why do they bemoan religion?
This is true except the morality that they believe in is subjective.  From my observation, what it almost always comes down to is the atheist's own emotions or incorrect opinion or disordered desires.  Something is wrong iff he doesn't like it.
Thats true Dan...but thats where you press for victory...if they admit to it being merely a subjective opinion...then you have to ask why you are not allowed your own"subjective Opinion? There is no logical way out for them...the most common response by then becomes invectives and cursings and name calling.....then you win.
Remind you of anyone?
no not last atheist debate was at AI when Jayne was there as well undermining my case by apologizing for my rudeness.
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