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Haha!  No, they are very serious about liturgy.  But certainly, the weekly obligation is hardly a chore!  It's a pleasure, a time of communion with God, and with each's the highlight of the week, for sure. 
You know becoming Catholic was hard for me.  I love the Greeks.  It's a shame you don't live closer, i would invite you as a guest.  I have a feeling you would love this little parish's liturgy, even though i suppose it is not as polished as a larger, big city type parish. 

That's very kind of you, Landless. If I lived closer, I think I would take you up on that offer.  :)

(Before i'm scourged at a post, for a post, i'll stop right was just wishful thinking.)

Don't worry. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who reads this subforum.  :lol:

Anyway, God in his mercy, while solving another problem, made things easier for me.  I received a special dispensation from my new Ukrainian Catholic priest, which allows me to assist at Roman mass at 8 am, and then to observe the byzantine liturgy at the Greek church at 10:30 (and of course have lunch with my old friends :)).  But there is a serious reason for this.  My youngest daughter dutifully followed me into the Orthodox faith, and it would be spiritually harmful to her, if i were to abandon her there.  She needs a little more time.

Ah, I see.  :)