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Doctor Who and C.S. Lewis
« on: November 24, 2013, 10:56:13 AM »
A mysterious box, bigger on the inside than the outside and disguised as an everyday object, which provides a gateway to another universe full of strange creatures and fantastical lands…

This is the premise behind a series of stories which have captured the imaginations of children for generations, and are marked this week with a special 50th anniversary celebration.

For writer CS Lewis, author of the Narnia books, died on November 22 1963, the day before the very first broadcast of Doctor Who, a show he may have unwittingly inspired.

And today a memorial statue commemorating his literary achievements is being unveiled in Poets Corner at Westminster Abbey, joining similar testaments to Milton, Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Austen, Wilde and Lawrence.

A special CS Lewis Memorial Service is also taking place at the Abbey this afternoon, which also recognises his work as a scholar and influential Christian thinker.

The parallels between Lewis’ magical wardrobe and the Doctor’s TARDIS are strikingly evident, both offering an escape through time and space into distant worlds where years spent travelling can pass in a heartbeat back in our reality.

Additionally, in the last Narnia book, the apocalyptic The Last Battle (1956), a small and dingy stable is revealed to be dimensionally transcendental, or to put it in the words of Lord Digory: “Its inside is bigger than its outside.”

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