Gaudete flores martyrum

Started by GMC, December 07, 2022, 04:30:18 PM

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To make up for the other unfortunate thread. I bring this advent hymn of the Mozarabic rite that announces the arrival of the savior. I'm sorry and I hope you like this hymn.

English lyrics:

«Rejoice, firstfruits of the martyrs; Hello, peoples of the earth!

Direct your eyes among the stars, wait for the sign of Glory.

The voices of the prophets announcing the arrival of Christ are already resounding,

prelude to Redemption, to the grace that has redeemed us.

See how our dawn shines and our hearts overflow with joy,

to the sound of a reliable voice that announces who is our glory.

That the joy of salvation so great that was the Redemption of the world

inspire us with a sublime song of welcome.

This was the first coming and not to punish the world but to heal its wounds

and save what was lost.

And now the second coming warns us that Christ is at the gates,

to deliver the crown to the saints and open the thresholds of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The savior star already appears, promise of perpetual light

and a dazzling brilliance summons us to the celestial inheritance.

Our only desire is to contemplate you, Christ God, just as you are,

so that this blissful vision snatches us from the abyss of hell,

so that when, oh Redeemer, you return

surrounded by the martyrs in their white robes,

incorporate us full of joy to this happy assembly ».