Restringing an antique reproduction ball jointed doll

Started by Bernadette, October 22, 2022, 08:28:37 AM

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My 30" antique reproduction ball jointed doll has been loose ever since I bought her. I looked into sending her to a doll hospital to be restrung, but there are none close by and shipping would be so expensive. Plus, there's the danger of her being broken during transit. I'd always shied away from the ide a of doing it myself, intimidated by the sheer number of parts, and having to crimp the elastic with special pliers. Well today I bit the bullet and watched a youtube video on how to do it. I also have a book on doll repair that details it. It looks so easy! A $25 kit including elastic, hog rings, and special pliers, a wire hanger for pulling the elastic through the doll's body, and 20 minutes, and it'll be done. I'm going to do it! Wish me luck! I also restrung my all-composition baby using a hair elastic. It'll hold until I get the real elastic in the mail.
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In conclusion, I can leave you with no better advice than that given after every sermon by Msgr Vincent Giammarino, who was pastor of St Michael's Church in Atlantic City in the 1950s:

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That's neat. Good luck!

Also had no idea there was a dolls hospital 😂
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