Started by TerrorDæmonum, August 09, 2022, 02:25:46 PM

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The forum is a scandal and there is no reason to expect any change. The moral choice is clear.

For all those who wish to repent of false accusations and other evil speech directed at me, I accept and forgive any and all offenses that were published on this forum. But remember, something that is not repented is not forgiven, so for the sake of your own souls, repent those evils. If done innocently, recognize the error in judgement for your own sake. If one has published such things, one has a duty to attempt to remedy it.

I have not maliciously lied. I have never used more than one account at a time. What I have revealed about myself on this forum was not deceitful.

Perceived tone and attitude are the great fault a user of this forum can have apparently, but I am confident I have not compromised on what is true and just. Relying on counsel and good sources and discarding opinions has a great benefit in that regard. Ignore me. Read the citations and sources.

We are told to love God and keep the commandments, and we have the means to do this, and that is what we should do. All else is vain.

I cannot use the forum sparingly as some do: I either use it or not. The forum is best avoided. For those who actually use it for good, I hope your efforts are fruitful.

For the rest, the World Wide Web is full of all manner of evils and forums under any name are not immune from those things. Beware of relativity: the evil to avoid is all evil, not just the few select things that we find it is easy to condemn. Keep the whole Law.

Quote from: Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 7:40
In all thy works remember thy last end, and thou shalt never sin.


I am sad to see you are no longer here. I haven't spoken to you in about 10 years. Vaya con Dios.
"If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me."