Author Topic: Need Advise on a New Business  (Read 783 times)

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Re: Need Advise on a New Business
« Reply #15 on: January 17, 2021, 04:17:44 PM »
The degree of success will come down to whether or not I have the financial power to compete w the others through google and FB marketing (I hate both but they're necessary evils for marketing).

All sounds like a solid plan. I was asking because I am facing a job/business change situation myself and ask some of those question too.

I asked a SSPX priest a while ago about using (or working for) Facebook and other bit tech leftist platforms. He said that the technology in itself is morally neutral but also advised to apply a principle of a double effect if there is a specific concern.

Good luck!

Thanks Andy.  So far on paper its a solid plan, but I've never started a business before--other than a lawn mowing business in high school, or running my wife's crowdfunding fundraisers when she makes vestments (she did one recently for an independent priest, formerly diocesan, for $1,500 very beautifully embroidered)--so I'm sure there are serious factors I'm ignorant about.  Especially the cost of acquiring/retaining the customer through marketing.  Before I spend too much time designing courses, I'm going to consult a local marketing firm to gauge how feasible this is.  As long as it makes profit, I'll do it, even if its just a cheap website, and just me and my wife (a PT) making the courses, and occasionally bringing in some $.  Start up cost would be the website (2k+), a good video camera (I'm considering a GoPro through ebay, $300+, since I could also use it on hiking trips for fun), a large white marker board ($400), and initial marketing costs to give it a test run (figure minimum $1K/mo to make it competitive on google, FB, etc).   In the US, I'd estimate there's 500,000 PTs/PTAs, OTs/OTAs, I'd estimate half pay for their own CEUS, usually several hundred $'s total just to stay licensed. 
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