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« on: December 29, 2012, 10:25:28 AM »
What brings you to SD?
Sympathy with the ends to which it exists, that is, the propagation of Catholic Tradition.

Are you a member of other Internet fora?  If so, care to mention which one(s)?
The old Fishtank, under the same name.

Why did you choose your username and avatar?
The username is my own name, altered, the avatar is Bridey from 'Brideshead Revisited', who resembles me a good deal.

What is your state of life - single, married, religious, or still discerning?
Still discerning. Single at the present, I believe I have a vocation and want to go into seminary. My family want me to take my degree first.
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Re: Hello
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Hello, Patrick! :)
Имя ты мое услышишь
Из под топота копыт.

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Re: Hello
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Welcome to SD, Patrick!
Quote from: Bishop Williamson
The "promise to respect" as Church law the New Code of Canon Law is to respect a number of supposed laws directly contrary to Church doctrine.


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Re: Hello
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"Nothing is more miserable than those people who never failed to attack their own salvation. When there was need to observe the Law, they trampled it under foot. Now that the Law has ceased to bind, they obstinately strive to observe it. What could be more pitiable that those who provoke God not only by transgressing the Law but also by keeping it? But at any rate the Jews say that they, too, adore God. God forbid that I say that. No Jew adores God! Who say so? The Son of God say so. For he said: "If you were to know my Father, you would also know me. But you neither know me nor do you know my Father". Could I produce a witness more trustworthy than the Son of God?"  St. John Chrysostom  Sunday Homily

"The two goals of the Jews: The universal domination of the world and the destruction of Catholicism, out of hatred for Christ" --Mgr. Jouin

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Re: Hello
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Re: Hello
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Welcome, Patrick!  I hope you find SD edifying, welcoming, and enjoyable!
Wie dein Sonntag, so dein Sterbetag.

I am not altogether on anybody's side, because nobody is altogether on my side.  ~Treebeard, LOTR

Jesus son of David, have mercy on me.