Author Topic: When men were men and good sense ruled, 1905.  (Read 249 times)

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When men were men and good sense ruled, 1905.
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Declares It Necessary for Preservation of Self Respect and Discharges

Pugilistic Youngsters.   Special to The Herald.  ST. LOUIS. July 16 1905.- Judge C. Bishop, sitting in the juvenile court, reprimanded the foreman of a department in a brewery who caused the arrest of two boys who had been fighting. He also chided the policeman who had made the arrest.  Then he lectured the boys and discharged them. When asked to elucidate his ideas regarding, the settling of differences by a resort to fisticuffs - Judge Bishop said:

"I do not want to be quoted as advocating fighting, either by boys or men. Fighting is bad business either for individuals or nations. And yet there are times when there is no course for the right sort of man or nation to take. It is either fight or sacrifice your self-respect. When the time comes to fight a man should fight, even if he gets whipped.

"Now, it is a serious thing to put the stigma of being arrested on a boy. One of those little chaps may be in trouble to me time again and if asked, 'Were you ever arrested before?" he must answer In the affirmative. To be sure, they were arrested, but they ought never to have been put into custody. Fighting is much less of an "offense than arresting boys and taking them to the police station."
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