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Unofficial Revolution
« on: November 15, 2020, 08:48:51 PM »
Below is a letter to the editor of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, the weekend edition, November 14-15 written by Rev. Michael P. Orsi, Naples Fla. 

 I can only pray he is not a diocesan priest.

The typing in quotes is the end of the letter that came after “To Read the Full Story."  that I took from my print edition. 
Below is the link to the Journal’s web page

Regarding “Pope Francis’s Unofficial Revolution” (Review, Nov. 7):

The job of a pope is to make clear authentic Catholic teaching and to refute error. The papacy is supposed to be “the touchstone of unity.” Pope Francis is a master at sowing confusion and misguiding the faithful. His personal remarks, though unofficial and with no magisterial weight, are just enough to signal a change in traditional beliefs. Instead of safeguarding souls by reiterating the natural law and revealed truth, he enables dissent, which moves some to accept what has been traditionally taught to be immoral behavior. This papacy is the antithesis...
To Read the Full Story

“. . . of what the papacy is supposed to do.  Pope Francis is a major source of disunity.”
“. . . we will jealously protect the small but still burning candle of our traditional Catholic Faith, and patiently carry on our spiritual Resistance movement without the hoped-for papal approval.” Fr. Gommar A. DePauw, August 15, 1967, Letter to Paul VI,
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Re: Unofficial Revolution
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2020, 10:38:41 PM »
Have no fear for Father Orsi.  If he is the Father Orsi I think he is, he is probably retired by now.  The Father Orsi I am thinking of was one of the advisors of Tom Monaghan who led the way in founding Ave Maria outside Naples, FL.
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