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New York Times Oct 6, 1940 headline...
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image of article included. it is legible.

over a year before the U.S. entered the war, it was already pledged to bring about the New World Order. For them.

2 minute video of the actual paper:
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Re: New York Times Oct 6, 1940 headline...
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This is the real reason why Hitler's olive branches and dovish pleas for peace and ceasefire were ignored
by the British democratic government (but not the House of Windsor) and the British puppet, U.S.A.
It is why the U.S.S.R. - which they funded and directed from London - was never held to scrutiny, and
why they didn't see the spread of Bolshevik and Leninist Communism as a problem - to take over and murder
millions of Christian true Caucasian Europeans.

It is why they could say they would win the war in 1940 - because they knew the U.S.A. was coming in,
by hook or by crook. They were temporarily staved off in France when the Vichy Government allowed the
National Socialists to take most of France with very little fighting. It wasn't because the French were surrender monkeys,
it was because France was divided in its sympathies, just as Italy was on the Axis side and Spain was fascist.
Contrast the virtually non-existent damage and restraint Hitler showed in France and England with the gross blood-lust
and civilizational-level destruction the U.S.A. and England committed in Germany and Japan. Who is in HELL ?????

Central Europe, the last vestiges of the H.R.E. all knew what the game was coming out of London and Washington.
The game to launch a New World Order - run by Jewish Babylonian kultist kapital - Kapitalist or Kommunist DID NOT MATTER --
and does not matter to this day, what flavor of Jewish world dominance you get, it's their left jab and right hook.

We are reduced to arguing passionately between each other over which flavor of their poison tastes better.
Even within our own Church. The Fake Right in the Church railes against Francis for his anti-Kapitalism and outreach
into native peoples, but they make no sound when "Israel" gobbles up the West Bank from Palestine. Concurrently they infect
the Left alternative with their planted sexual deviants and theological warfare against traditional Catholic law.