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Recommended Show - The Fiery Priest
« on: June 12, 2020, 09:20:25 PM »
I know this a bit random but I just thought I'd recommend the Netflix Show, the Fiery Priest. It's a Korean action comedy show with an unorthodox (given the fact he's an ex security agent) priest fighting corruption etc... but it portrays the priests and Church in a very positive light as the main character is  a masculine priest with a strong faith (he removes a cross and a statute of the BVM from a nightclub in one episode) and zero LGBT nonsense, something that is very rare on TV these days. I also understand that a priest beating people up is not orthodox and there's the episode he disguises himself as a woman, ahem... but honestly its probably the most wholesome show I have seen on Netflix in years. They mock cults, corruption, show the Vatican in a good light, demonstrate the power of forgiveness, the importance of overcoming anger and so on. Oh and the nun basically has a habit and the priests at least have clerical dress...

There is also a pretty good Korean movie about an exorcist albeit it involves some nonsense martial arts stuff but, again, portrays the Church in a positive light and the reality of demonic influence etc... I am not quite sure what's with the flood of non LGBT liberal garbage semi conservative and good shows coming out of Korea but I am not complaining  :laugh:

I am sure someone will be enraged that a trad suggested this but that's life  ;D
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