Author Topic: Understanding bogus viral tests through bogus HIV tests  (Read 539 times)

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Understanding bogus viral tests through bogus HIV tests
« on: March 20, 2020, 06:33:23 AM »
Antibody and PCR tests are the same kind being used to currently diagnose infection by "coronavirus" as a cause of disease.

Everything he says here that sounds unbelievable is being read directly from the package insert for the ELISA test, namely from the legal disclaimer. Because that disclaimer, ultimately, is the only thing the company producing the test will say about it that is actually to be trusted. People have no idea of just how bogus these tests are.

The Myths of Science, HIV Test Mythology with Liam Scheff
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The Myths of Science, True Tales of "HIV" Testing with Liam Scheff
Can you go from "HIV positive to negative?" You bet you can, if your doctor tells you so. Hear the true story of one woman's struggle to understand the diagnosis she was given - which was then retracted.

Learn what AIDS doctors really think about their tests, and about the man who invented the test and the field of AIDS, Dr. Robert Gallo.

Liam and a special guest for "True Tales of HIV Testing!" Where we reveal the current state of the fraudulent business of the HIV Test rigamarole.

HIV test slavery
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Re: Understanding bogus viral tests through bogus HIV tests
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