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Some texts of the Church Fathers and other Saints on the Immaculate Conception in this apologetical work from the 19th century.

"I omit, however, the revelations which confirm this belief, particularly those of Saint Bridget, which were aproved of by Cardinal Torquematla,* and by four sovereign Pontiffs, and wholly are found in various parts of the sixth book of her Kevelations.' But on no account can I omit the opinions of  the holy Fathers on this subject, whereby to show their unanimity in conceding this privilege to the Divine Mother.

Saint Ambrose says, " Receive me not from Sarah, but from Mary, that it may be an uncorrupted Virgin, a Virgin free by grace from every stain of sin." ' Origen, speaking of Mary, asserts that " she was not infected by the venomous breath of the serpent."* Saint Ephrem, that " she was immaculate, and remote from all stain of sin."" An ancient writer (Saint Fulgentius?), in a sermon, found amongst the works of Saint Augustine, on the  words " Hail, full of grace," says, '' By these words theangel shows that she was altogether [remark the word altogether] excluded from the wrath of the first sentence, and restored to the full grace of blessing."" The author

» Per unum hominem peccatum in hunc mundum intravit . . . in quo (Ada) omnes peccaverunt. — Rom. v, 12.

• In Exain. Theol. \ M, 2, Qu. 2 <fc Pecc. f

• Piet. Lugd. No. 29. f » Disc. Th. de Imrn. Cone, f

• Qu. Prod, ad TruL f ' Lib. vi, cap. 12, 49, 55.

' Suscipe me non ex Sara, sed ex Maria ; ut incorrupta sit Virgo, sed Virgo per gratiam ab omni integra labe peccatL— Berm. xxii in Pa. oxviii, No. 30.

• Nee serjKjntia venenosis afilalibus infecta est — Horn. i. f " Immaculata et inteinerata, iucorruptii et prorsus pudica, at* que ab omni sorde ac labe peceati alienissima. —Ad S.Dei Gen. OraL " Cum dixit " gratia plena," ostendit ex integro, irara exduaam

of an old work, called the Breviary of Saint Jerome, affirms that " that cloud was never in darkness, but always in light." ^ Saint Cyprian, or whoever may be the author of the work on the 77th Psalm, says, " Nor did justice endure that that vessel of election should be open to common injuries ; for being far exalted above others, she partook of their nature, not of their sin.'"*

Saint Amphilochius, that " He who formed the first Virgin without deformity, also made the second one without spot or sin." '

Saint Sophronius, that "the Virgin is therefore called immaculate, for in nothing was she corrupt."*

Saint Ildephonsus argues, that " it is evident that she was free from original sin."*

Saint John Damascene says that "the serpent never had any access to this paradise."'

primae sententise, et plenam benedictionis gratiam restitutam. — Int. op. S. Augustini, Serin, vii, de Nat. Bom.

* Nubem levem debemus sanctam Mariam accipere . . . Et deduxit eos in nube diei. Pulchre dixit, diei : Nubes enim ilia non fuit in tenebris, sed semper in luce. — Brev. S. Hieron. in Ps.  Ixxvii.

^ Nee sustinebat justitia, ut illud vas electionis communibus lassaretur injuriis ; quoniam pluriraum a cteteris differens, natura
communicabat, non culpa. — Lib. de Card. Op. Christi, de Nativ.

^ Qui antiquam illara virginem sine probro condidit ; Ipse, et secundara, sine nota et crimine fabricatus est. — Orat. in 8. Deip. et Simeon.

* Virgo sancta accipitur, et anima corpusque sanctificatur ; atque ita ministravit in incarnatione Creatoris, ut munda et casta, atque incontaminata ... Ex inviolabili namque et virginali sanguine atque immaculatse Virginis Marise Verbum vere factum est incarnatum. — Harduin. torn, iii. Cone. (Ecumen. 6, act. 11.

' Constat, earn ab omni originali peccato imraunem fuisse. — Cant. disp. de Virginit. B. V. M.

* In hunc paradisum serpenti aditum non patuit — Or. ii, de Nat B.M.V.

Saint Peter Damian, that ** the flesh of the Virgin, taken from Adam, did not admit of the stain of Adam.**'

Saint Bruno jithrms, "that Mary is tlmt uncorrupted earth which Gotl blessed, and was therefore free from all contagion of sin."' Saint Bonaventure, *'that our Sovereign Lady was full of preventing grace for her sanctification ; that is, preservative grace against the corruption of original sin."* Saint Bcmardine of Sienna argues, that '• it is not to be believed that He, the Son of Grod, would be bom of a Virgin, and take her flesh, were she in the slightest degree stained witli original sin."* Saint Lawrence Justinian atiirms, " that she was prevented in blessings, from her very conception."* And the blessed Raymond Jordano, on the words " Thou hast found grace," says, " thou hast found a singular grace, O most sweet Virgin, that of preservation from original sin, &;c."* And mainv othor Doctors speak in the same sense. "
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