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Dear Friends, in this thread, can we discuss some means by which to make a secularist government ultimately Christian? Just as we must evangelize individual secularists to our Catholic Faith, so also must we strive, with all the means God makes available to us, to do the opposite of what secularists successfully did to many Christian countries - they de-Christianized them. We must de-secularize them and re-Christianize them. For this purpose, we must carefully study the methodology they so successfully used, and the better and more powerful means that God in His Gospel has made available to us, for shining the Light of Truth on nations steeped in secularist neo-pagan darkness.

Please share your own thoughts. Some general ideas to consider in my opinion.

1. Natural Law Philosophy - God's Law as the only solid foundation of all civil law: Highly important and always emphasized by the Popes. It kept western societies Catholic and Christian for over a millenia, and ensured they would uphold Natural Law in their Civil Laws for even centuries longer, up until just about 50 years ago. In His Encyclical Libertas, His Holiness Pope Leo XIII teaches us how to make this argument, with His Holiness taking it up in detail Himself against the liberal errors of the day: "What has been said of the liberty of individuals is no less applicable to them when considered as bound together in civil society. For, what reason and the natural law do for individuals, that human law, promulgated for their good, does for the citizens of States. Of the laws enacted by men, some are concerned with what is good or bad by its very nature; and they command men to follow after what is right and to shun what is wrong, adding at the same time a suitable sanction. But such laws by no means derive their origin from civil society, because, just as civil society did not create human nature, so neither can it be said to be the author of the good which befits human nature, or of the evil which is contrary to it. Laws come before men live together in society, and have their origin in the natural, and consequently in the eternal, law. The precepts, therefore, of the natural law, contained bodily in the laws of men, have not merely the force of human law, but they possess that higher and more august sanction which belongs to the law of nature and the eternal law. And within the sphere of this kind of laws the duty of the civil legislator is, mainly, to keep the community in obedience by the adoption of a common discipline and by putting restraint upon refractory and viciously inclined men, so that, deterred from evil, they may turn to what is good, or at any rate may avoid causing trouble and disturbance to the State."

A syllogism: Reason and Conscience discern an unchanging moral law on our hearts. This law could not have originated from any human mutable power. It must therefore have come from an immutable source, the Supreme Being, Who is thereby known also to be Infinite Goodness, and the Source of the Moral Law we discern on our conscience.

And just to show that Natural Law is well known to and has been taking into account by many statesmen and legislators, let us hear this testimony from Alexander Hamilton, founder of the Bank of New York: ""Good and wise men, in all ages ... have supposed that the Deity, from the relations we stand in to Himself, and to each other, has constituted an eternal and immutable law, which is indispensably obligatory upon all mankind ... This is what is called the Law of Nature ... dictated by God himself." i.e. on our hearts.

And similar views have been held even by Locke and Jefferson, and even Hobbes comes close to it at times. We must always defend Natural Law, and God's Authority as the only stable foundation of all civil law, without which no State can exist or function. From which it follows, the State exists only to promote His Rights, and protect the rights of its people.

At this stage, perhaps 30% of the nation is Christian. Evangelistic endeavors must keep progressing decade by decade to progressively increase it. When we come to perhaps around 60% as solidly conservative Christian, we can go to phase 2 in the government.

2. Motives of Credibility - establishing the Supernatural Origin of Christianity: - if we read the Oath against Modernism, which the path taken here is outlined from, the second article is, "Secondly, I accept and acknowledge the external proofs of revelation, that is, divine acts and especially miracles and prophecies as the surest signs of the divine origin of the Christian religion and I hold that these same proofs are well adapted to the understanding of all eras and all men, even of this time" In this respect, we can mention many of those points made by St. Thomas in Summa Contra Gentiles, "Chapter 6:  It is not foolish to assent to the truths of the Faith, even though they are beyond reason": THE Divine Wisdom, that knows all things most fully, has deigned to reveal these her secrets to men, and in proof of them has displayed works beyond the competence of all natural powers, in the wonderful cure of diseases, in the raising of the dead, and what is more wonderful still, in such inspiration of human minds as that simple and ignorant persons, filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost, have gained in an instant the height of wisdom and eloquence.* By force of the aforesaid proof, without violence of arms, without promise of pleasures, and, most wonderful thing of all, in the midst of the violence of persecutors, a countless multitude, not only of the uneducated but of the wisest men, flocked to the Christian faith, wherein doctrines are preached that transcend all human understanding, pleasures of sense are restrained, and a contempt is taught of all worldly possessions. That mortal minds should assent to such teaching is the greatest of miracles, and a manifest work of divine inspiration leading men to despise the visible and desire only invisible goods. Nor did this happen suddenly nor by chance, but by a divine disposition, as is manifest from the fact that God foretold by many oracles of His prophets that He intended to do this. The books of those prophets are still venerated amongst us, as bearing testimony to our faith. This argument is touched upon in the text: Which (salvation) having begun to be uttered by the Lord, was confirmed by them that heard him even unto us, God joining in the testimony by signs and portents and various distributions of the Holy Spirit (Heb. ii, 3, 4). This so wonderful conversion of the world to the Christian faith is so certain a sign of past miracles, that they need no further reiteration, since they appear evidently in their effects. It would be more wonderful than all other miracles, if without miraculous signs the world had been induced by simple and low-born men to believe truths so arduous, to do works so difficult, to hope for reward so high. And yet even in our times God ceases not through His saints to work miracles for the confirmation of the faith.* From:

Pope Leo XIII makes another moral argument, from the beneficial moral aspects of the Gospel in Christian History, "These precepts of the truest and highest teaching, made known to us by the light of reason itself, the Church, instructed by the example and doctrine of her divine Author, has ever propagated and asserted; for she has ever made them the measure of her office and of her teaching to the Christian nations. As to morals, the laws of the Gospel not only immeasurably surpass the wisdom of the heathen, but are an invitation and an introduction to a state of holiness unknown to the ancients; and, bringing man nearer to God, they make him at once the possessor of a more perfect liberty."

Finally, when a nation has come near being 80% Christian and at least 50% Catholic, we can go forward to the third and final stage.

3. The Third and Final Step - identifying the One True Church by Her Marks: The third stage is based on the third article mentioned by Pope St. Pius X: "the Church, the guardian and teacher of the revealed word, was personally instituted by the real and historical Christ when he lived among us, and that the Church was built upon Peter" The Catholic Church's 2000 year History, Her Apostolic Succession back to St. Peter, and so many other things, like Her glorious Saints from St. Anthony of the Desert, to St. Francis and St. Catherine, to St. Therese and St. Padre Pio etc etc etc and the miracles Her Saints and Missionaries have worked, can be emphasized to lead the nation to now fully embrace the Catholic Faith, and benefit from its glorious privileges for themselves.

Pope Leo XIII states: "In faith and in the teaching of morality, God Himself made the Church a partaker of His divine authority, and through His heavenly gift she cannot be deceived. She is therefore the greatest and most reliable teacher of mankind, and in her swells an inviolable right to teach them. Sustained by the truth received from her divine Founder, the Church has ever sought to fulfill holily the mission entrusted to her by God; unconquered by the difficulties on all sides surrounding her, she has never ceased to assert her liberty of teaching, and in this way the wretched superstition of paganism being dispelled, the wide world was renewed unto Christian wisdom. Now, reason itself clearly teaches that the truths of divine revelation and those of nature cannot really be opposed to one another, and that whatever is at variance with them must necessarily be false. Therefore, the divine teaching of the Church, so far from being an obstacle to the pursuit of learning and the progress of science, or in any way retarding the advance of civilization, in reality brings to them the sure guidance of shining light." And in support of this, many of the facts documented in Prof. Thomas Woods' How the Catholic Church built Western Civilization, could be mentioned: "And it is no surprise that the Church should have done so much to foster the nascent university system, since the Church, according to historian Lowrie Daly, "was the only institution in Europe that showed consistent interest in the preservation and cultivation of knowledge." The popes and other churchmen ranked the universities among the great jewels of Christian civilization... "Thanks to the repeated intervention of the papacy," writes historian Henri Daniel-Rops, "higher education was enabled to extend its boundaries; the Church, in fact, was the matrix that produced the university, the nest whence it took flight."

That's a fairly lengthy but somewhat necessary step-by-step idea of what is probably one of the most important questions of our time. Thoughts from people here on how perhaps any of the phases can be hastened, or if something should be corrected?
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Re: Strategies and Ideas to gradually Re-Christianize a secularized nation.
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The restoration of the true Mass and the successful catechesis and priestly formation that it sustained, is the only certain basis of re-Christianising the land.
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Re: Strategies and Ideas to gradually Re-Christianize a secularized nation.
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Here in the US we have an especially unique chance, that most do not, at actually be able to Christianize our nation so I'll mainly be referring specifically to the US. Extrapolate as needed.

It is very simple.
Right now the Jewish people are attempting to create a "break in time", some say "history", that will bring about their false-messiah.
The "break in time" is what most would refer to as the World Revolution or the destruction of the modern nation state. The Jews have to do this because they are a numerically tiny people and have to cause a whirlwind of chaos to operate from lest any single power focus it's attention on, and defeat, them.
If you're locked in a cell with 10 large enemies you need to get them to fight each other so as not to single you out.

EDIT: The Jews confuse me, especially the Israelis. I don't know if "Jewish People" is the best way to describe the one's who are striving for the chaos, but that's what I'm going with. One should also be mindful of the fissure within Judaism between the Antinomians and everybody else. Antinomians are pretty easy to understand and, whenever I've heard them, are usually directing a rather noticeable rage against anything regarding the Orthodox (Jews). Jews can't kill each other though so they create the circumstances in which golem like Hitler can gain power and do the dirty work for them. Sometimes I think the Orthodox used Havaara to evacuate Germany leaving the Communistic and Anarchist antinomians to get genocided by their agent, Hitler. This is like how David did not kill Uriah outright but did it by proxy. Despite the differences in Jews and how much they seem to loathe one another they all appear to do their best to strive for and initiate the reign of their Anti-Christ, which I admire them for. If only Catholics took the Kingship of Christ so seriously, but then again, they haven't had their entire value system turned upside down like we have so it's probably much easier for them to differentiate value vs dross. Sorry if all this is awkward, but I have a buzz right now.

Few nations are equipped to survive the next few decades. Most will not survive their dysfunctional age disparities once the current workforces begin to retire in large numbers.

The US is set, and able, to dominate the next century, but we are also being threatened by a civil war that at this point seems imminent. China and Russia knows that they have to knock us out now because time is on our side. The US was also accelerated into being the world super-power wielding "Imperialist Capitalism" to create economic hegemony. You can't cause all/most nations to rebel against their states, but you can cause all/most nations to rebel against another more dominate nation. Lenin wrote a whole book where he basically says the key to Communist victory is having the fiat dollar as the global currency. That the US government props up hundreds of states plays right into this. A state that has attached itself to the global hegemon is now open to attack by its nation in the global revolution. This is how, in a nutshell, you start a worldwide revolt, and a world power must exist to agitate and mobilize the masses against.

The US government is so uncool right now, and so universally hated, that few will come to its aid.

Whoever does come to the state's aid, since they will probably be alone, will inherit the state if they're able to see the struggle through to victory.

The same chaos that's being fomented by others can create opportunities for us.

God took the power of Rome, Charlemagne, Portugal and Spain, with the cooperation of their people, and spread His Religion across the globe.
He's probably going to do things similarly again.

As I know, Xavier knows, that fidelity to one's nation and state is commanded by the Church.
We are called to evangelize our state not to kill it with revolution.

In summary:
Prepare yourself spiritually and physically.
Support your nation-state when the Revolution hits.
Faithfully take control of it and forge a throne for Christ.

Remember that one man's opportunity can also be yours if you take it from him.
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