Author Topic: Atheist wants to undo baptism  (Read 244 times)

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Atheist wants to undo baptism
« on: April 01, 2019, 07:20:19 PM »
This post appeared on my "" forum today:

Where can I get my family and I unbaptized?

We are in the process of converting to atheism and would like to undo the fact we have been baptized

[Happy April Fools everyone. Stay safe]

Thought this was worth sharing.

Gullible and careless as I am I didn't read it through at first. Maybe I'm no fun, but my response was:

Good joke:  you fooled me for a minute (Catholic mode: baptism really can't be undone; it makes a permanent mark on the soul)

Can't help my final reaction:  :rofl: (But maybe mostly out of relief)
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