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Many people who are ready to concede that - in light of recent discoveries like soft tissues, blood cells and DNA in earth's most ancient fossils and other such things - the earth is less than 10,000 years old may still be inclined to disagree that the Universe itself was Instantaneously Created in 6 days by the Direct Power of God as we now see it. The Prophet Moses records the facts after God gave Him an eyewitness account of what happened at creation, as the Fathers and all Tradition teach us. That should be good enough for us serious Catholic Christians:  But what are some of the best way that the natural sciences can show, gradually catching up with the Scriptures, the Universe (1) was specially created, and (2) is young?

Church Fathers on the Prophet Moses and Genesis: "St. Basil: "The man [the Prophet Moses] who is made equal to the angels, being considered worthy of the sight of God face to face, [who] reports to us those things which he heard from God.[3]

St. John Chrysostom adds that:

It is for this reason that he begins to speak thus: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth,” as if calling out to us all with a loud voice: it is not by the instruction of men that I say this; He Who called them (heaven and earth) out of non-being into being – it is He Who has roused my tongue to relate of them. And therefore I entreat you, let us pay heed to these words as if we heard not Moses but the very Lord of the universe Who speaks through the tongue of Moses, and let us take leave for good of our own opinions.[4]"

Dr. Brown mentions two scientific considerations, the Earth's Nature as the Watery Planet, and the falsification of the "Molten Earth" Theory that strongly suggest scientifically that the whole Universe itself, just like our Planet Earth, is young and specially created. Thoughts on the strength of this evidence?

44.     Earth: The Water Planet

"The amount of water on Earth greatly exceeds that known to be on or within any other planet in the solar system. Liquid water, which is essential for life, has unique and amazing properties; it covers 70% of Earth’s surface. Where did all Earth’s water come from?

If the Earth and solar system evolved from a swirling cloud of dust and gas, almost no water should reside near Earth—or within 5 astronomical units (AU) from the Sun. (1 AU is the average Earth-Sun distance.) Any water (liquid or ice) that close to the Sun would vaporize and be blown by the solar wind to the outer reaches of the solar system,a as we see happening with water vapor in the tails of comets.

Had comets, asteroids, or meteorites delivered Earth’s water, the energy of such impacting bodies would have vaporized the transported water, leading to a runaway greenhouse on Earth, that would have made life on Earth permanently impossible. Although comets contain considerable water,b comets did not provide much of Earth’s water, because comet water contains too much heavy hydrogen, relatively rare in Earth’s oceans. Comets also contain too much argon. If comets provided even just 1% of Earth’s water, our atmosphere should have much more argon than it does.c Meteorites that contain water also have too much heavy hydrogen.d [Pages 303–381 explain why comets, asteroids, and some types of meteorites contain so much water and heavy hydrogen.  Pages 387–441 explain why comets have so much argon. Heavy hydrogen is described on page 313.]

These observations cause some to conclude that water was transported from the outer solar system to Earth by objects that no longer exist. If so, many of these “water tankers” should have collided with the other inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) as well. Actually, their water characteristics are not like those of Earth.e Instead of imagining “water tankers” that conveniently disappeared, perhaps we should ask if the Earth was created with its water already present." ...

45.     Molten Earth?
For more than two centuries, textbooks have taught in various ways that the early Earth was molten for 500,000,000 years, because it formed by meteoritic bombardment.a If so, the heat released by impacts would have melted the entire Earth many times over.b Had Earth ever been molten, its dense, nonreactive chemical elements, such as gold, would have sunk to Earth’s core. Gold is 70% denser than lead, yet it is found at the Earth’s surface.c

Even granite, the basic continental rock, is a mixture of many minerals, each with a different density. If melted granite slowly cooled, the first mineral to solidify would sink to the bottom of the melt, if it were denser than the melt, or it would float to the top of the melt, if it were less dense than the melt. A “layer cake” of minerals, would form instead of granite—which is a granular mixture of minerals. Therefore, the entire Earth was never molten and did not form by meteoritic bombardment.

Radioactive dating of certain zircon minerals also contradicts a molten Earth. Trace elements within those zircons show that the zircons formed at a temperature less than 212°F.d However, based on radioactive dating, those zircons formed billions of years ago when, according to evolutionists, the Earth should have been molten (exceeding 1,800°F)—an obvious contradiction. Either the molten Earth belief or the radioactive dating method must be wrong.  Perhaps both are wrong.

Meteorites contain much more of the element xenon than Earth’s surface rocks, relative to other noble (inert) gases, such as helium, neon, and argon. Had Earth formed by meteoritic bombardment, Earth’s surface rocks would have a different composition, and our atmosphere would contain up to ten times more xenon than it has.e If Earth did not evolve by meteoritic bombardment, it may have begun as one large body. [See “Melting the Inner Earth” on pages 620–623.]

A fatal problem with the molten Earth idea will be explained after the properties of magma are explained on page 159. After the mantle solidified, the Earth would be quite different than it is today ... (read on)
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Have you inquired about these ideas with someone who is an expert in this field?