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Re: Transgenderism
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Who said it was uniquely Islamic? Thank God for His law banishing that filth of the old pagans. Today we have what might be called post Christian pagans, even feminists, who will gladly allow anti-woman and anti-child Mohammedans into the West because liberals don't actually care about rape, molestation, abuse, circumcision or cannibalism of the most vulnerable, even though they purport to do so.

Comparing it to seminaries is unintelligent considering that seminaries are voluntary places where a man can leave anytime. Sodomites are extremely disordered and create their own networks, forcing normal men out. It's not really a comparable situation.

I would say you're smarter than this but you don't ever seem to discuss anything in good faith so what is the point. You are the pig everyone seems to wrestle in the mud with here.
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