Author Topic: Anyone really proficient at creating YouTube devotional videos have some advice?  (Read 131 times)

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I just created a Youtube channel. My hope is to upload at least 120 devotional videos, including sermons from Catholic Bishops and Trad Priests, or prayers and chaplets, or audios of spiritual classics with some pictures for illustration and the like, over the next 6 odd months.

Does anyone have some tips on how best to go about this? I can figure out how to begin, but I'm clueless after that; I'm quite bad at this tech stuff. Help is appreciated. Thanks.

In particular, can I upload videos I've recorded on my phone? Can I upload or edit videos already uploaded by other users? And all such things. How to add pictures to an audio prayer recording and so on.

PS: it seems to me Youtube could be a great means that God and Christians can use to strive to fulfil the Great Commission: that is beside worldwide prayer crusades and other possible opportunities it offers. There are single videos on Youtube that have been viewed 4,5, almost 6 billion times. Even if all are not unique views, that's still extraordinary. Unfortunately, very few or Gospel or Christian videos, let alone specifically Catholic Christian or Traditional Catholic ones. Hopefully, that'll change in future, and I want to start one small drop in that ocean.
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Reach out to Steve at Sensus Fidelium. He has a lot of experience in it. He may be willing to partner on mirroring and could provide YT specific tech advice.
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In particular, can I upload videos I've recorded on my phone? Can I upload or edit videos already uploaded by other users? And all such things. How to add pictures to an audio prayer recording and so on.

Videos from phone - Yes, but only if you're desperate. Because the video quality won't be all that great, and the audio quality will be horrible.

Videos uploaded by other users - It won't always be legal. But in cases where it is legal, you can download the video from YouTube by using one of these sites: . Then you'll need some sort of video editing software in order to edit the videos.

Adding pictures to audio (like what Sensus Fidelium does) - This can be done quite easily if you have the right software (you'd use motion graphics software, not video editing software). I would recommend Adobe After Effects but it's not cheap. I'm not sure if there are any free and easy-to-use alternatives.

Sermons - If you're the person recording the sermon, you'll probably want to ask the priest if he's ok with it first.

If you plan to personally record any sort of video or audio - You need to use the right equipment. Different camera lenses and camera settings are used for different kinds of shots, and various kinds of microphones each have their own purpose (shotgun mike vs. lavalier mike vs. cardioid mike, etc.) And you'll need good lighting to get good video. This could all be a problem if you don't have a lot of money to spare, because equipment isn't cheap.
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