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The Power given to Mary over the demons will end all heresies.
« on: January 01, 2019, 11:55:30 AM »
Ven. Mary of Agreda says, ""It was revealed to me that through the intercession of the Mother of God that all heresies will disappear. This victory over heresies has been reserved by Christ for His Blessed Mother. In the last times the Lord will especially spread the renown of His Mother: Mary began salvation and by her intercession it will be concluded. Before the second coming of Christ Mary must, more than ever, shine in mercy, might and grace in order to bring unbelievers into the Catholic Faith. The powers of Mary in the last times over the demons will be very conspicuous. Mary will extend the reign of Christ over the heathens and Mohammedans and it will be a time of great joy when Mary, as Mistress and Queen of Hearts, is enthroned."

St. Louis Marie Montfort concurs: ""The power of Mary over all devils will be particularly outstanding in the last period of time. She will extend the Kingdom of Christ over the idolators and Moslems, and there will come a glorious era in which Mary will be the ruler and queen of human hearts."

Exorcists know and testify that after Jesus, Mary is the One most feared by the devils. God has given Her the Power to crush Satan and She will do so soon, if we do what She has been asking of us for a long time.

An example of God demonstrating the power He gave Mary was when the Rosary was revealed to St. Dominic: "Around 12,000 people went to Saint Dominic to listen to him. Saint Dominic exorcised the man in the presence of the huge crowd. The Devil was forced to talk about the devotion to Our Lady, during the exorcism by Saint Dominic:

“Listen well, you Christians: the Mother of Jesus Christ is all-powerful, and She can save Her servants from falling into hell. She is the Sun which destroys the darkness of our wiles. It is She who uncovers our hidden plots, breaks our snares, and makes our temptations useless and ineffectual.”

In a more recent private revelation, Mary has more expressly called Christians to start living more holy and serious lives, and display blind faith in the Power God has given Her. This is the means through which Mary will crush Satan's head again in our times.

The Holy Virgin motivates the Christians of the Last Times to use the following invocation as frequently as possible:

MARY, powerful Mistress of all souls, I trust in You

"It is God’s Will that, in this hour, I should be revealed to mankind as the Mistress of all souls.In My capacity as the Mistress of all souls shall be revealed the unlimited power which God has given Me over all souls, and through which I will reflect God’s power in the souls. I rule in each and every heart that is totally consecrated to Me".  (Revelation by the Most Blessed Virgin MARY to Myriam van Nazareth, November 26, 2005).
"Inform the souls that, each time they invoke Me with true love and in the deepest veneration as the Powerful Mistress of all souls, I command Satan to prostrate himself at My feet". (Revelation by the Most Blessed Virgin MARY to Myriam van Nazareth, December 11, 2005).
(Myriam van Nazareth)

O Mary, Heavenly Queen and Mistress of all things created, who are invested by God with the fullness of power over all demons and over all and any powers of evil, in great distress I surrender myself completely to You.
O Immaculate Conception, break in me any temptation.
O Co-redemptrix with Christ, purify me of all and any traces of sin.
O Terror of demons, I implore You to wield Your tremendous power over any force of evil which would dare threaten me.
Most powerful Mistress, I implore You, do command any demon who is torturing me, discouraging me, troubling my mind, depriving me of all peace of heart, paralyzing me with fear, anguish and all kinds of ill-dispositions, or guiding me towards sin and vice, to prostrate themselves at Your feet, in order to be subjected to punishment and humiliation to Your satisfaction.
I implore You, do command them to praise and to glorify the power You have over them, and, prostrated at Your feet, to confess that You are their Mistress.
In order for me to gain entire freedom, I totally, unconditionally and eternally consecrate my entire being to You, and with all the angels and saints I acknowledge and confess my faith in Your unlimited and overwhelming power over all demons and over all plans, schemes and works of evil.
O Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, protect me.
O Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, deliver me.
O Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, rule over me and my life.
O Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, rule over all darkness

When the above prayer was written, MARY spoke:

"To each and every soul who addresses this prayer of deliverance to Me with sincere love and in deepest faith, I promise deliverance from the power of Satan. To each and every soul who addresses it to Me on a daily basis, I promise a swift growth in all virtues, for I shall take delight in subjecting to the full effects of My power the demons crossing the paths of life of these souls".

A few moments after the prayer was written, I asked Mary the following question, which She answered as quoted below:

Myriam: "My powerful Mistress, in the prayer You are implored to command the demons to praise and glorify Your power over them and, prostrated at Your feet, to confess that You are their Mistress. Is this actually what happens when this prayer is addressed to You?"

MARY: "This is what happens, each time it pleases Me and for the duration satisfying My Will. I possess an absolute power to decide upon this. Whatever I command, the demons involved shall obey Me, for they are entirely at My mercy. I know it, and they know it. Each time this prayer is addressed to Me, demons shall tremble with fear awaiting My decision (...) I want this prayer to be distributed soon and to be used frequently. It will bring forward the hour in which My foot will crush the serpent forever".
Mary, our Heavenly Mother, implores those who receive Holy Communion Daily, or at least Weekly, to Offer their Lives. TEXT OF THE LIFE OFFERING: "My dear Jesus, before the Holy Trinity, Our Heavenly Mother, and the whole Heavenly Court, united with Your most Precious Blood and Your Sacrifice on Calvary, I hereby Offer my whole Life to the Intention of Your Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Together with my life, I place at Your disposal all Holy Masses, all my Holy Communions, all Rosaries, all acts of consecration, all my good deeds, all my sacrifices, and the suffering of my entire life for the Adoration and Supplication of the Holy Trinity, for Unity in our Holy Mother Church, for the Holy Father and Priests, for good Priestly vocations, and for all souls until the end of the world. O my Jesus, please accept my life Sacrifice and my offerings and give me Your grace that I may persevere obediently until my death." Amen. It is recommended that you make this Life Offering as soon as you feel ready, and to renew it from time to time.

Please read the Blessed Mother's promises in the link: those who make it seriously will face no Purgatory (promise 5) since they would have completed it here, will have all their loved ones released from Purgatory the day they offer their life with intent to persevere (promise 4), and can save the souls of all their family members in due time by their life offering (promise 3). It will benefit all souls who have ever lived until time's end (promise 2) A simple effective way for thousands of us to save millions of souls. Inflamed in Large Letters of Love, you will have your name written in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary forever (promise 1).
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