Author Topic: Authorship of Protocols of Zion published by Prof. Sergei Nilus? Theodore Herzl?  (Read 175 times)

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Some flippantly dismiss the authenticity of the Protocols even though events they describe came true to the letter both in poor Russia and around the world in the decades subsequent to its publication. Prof. Nilus was captured by the Cheka and their torture was responsible for his eventual death. The mere possession of the Protocols itself was deemed a criminal offfense - which fact alone is sufficient proof of their legitimacy. Western biographers of Communist terror are amazed and appalled at the inexplicable hatred of the Communist terrorists for the Russian people and for Christians in particular; it remains too little understood that the anti-"Goyim" hatred and anti-Christian murderous tendencies that the Talmud promotes are directly the cause of the lost century of atheistic Soviet terror against Christians and innocent people in Russia.

The protocols likely originated in a freemasonic lodge in France. The zionist congress headed by Theodore Herzl has also been suggested. Thoughts?

Later below is a Jewish site YNet admit frankly that the Talmudist connections to Communism are worthy of historical study. It is just stupidity and folly and also a calumny to call this "anti-semitism"; good Christians reject all forms of hatred. But also where poor martyred Russia is concerned, we reject all forms of leftist bullying. Freemasomry and Communism, Zionism and Talmudism are very closely related and this document shows it.

St. Kolbe and Pope Pius XII who meanwhile saved Jewish and other innocent lives in Europe show us the right Christian attitude that rejects anti-semitism and all forms of hatred. But Talmudic anti-Christian hatred is the root cause of the Communist terror that cost the lives of some 100 million people in Russia and China.


WHERE did the Protocols originate?

It is necessary to examine this problem from three angles in order to arrive at a satisfactory answer to this question.

First: the secret operations of ancient Jewish Kahal must be understood.

Second: the rebirth of Jewish nationalism, involving the building of Zionism and Communism, must be studied.

Third: the source from which Nilus claimed to have received the documents must be considered.

Turning to the Encyclopaedia Britannica we find such phrases as "hidden doctrines", "hidden wisdom", and "mystic communion", used in discussing the mysterious nature and purpose of the Kahal. We are told that the germ of this organization "may be traced to sayings and beliefs mentioned in the Talmud and known to have existed among the gnostics."

In my book, Adam Weishaupt, a Human Devil, we trace the vicious trail of Gnosticism from the beginning of the Christian era, through the centuries into occult Illuminism, and finally into modern Bolshevism. For this reason we will not dwell on the subject here. But because of the intimate relation between the Kahal and the Talmud it becomes necessary to consider certain succinct features of the latter at this time.

It is exceedingly difficult to secure even extracts from the Talmud in the English language, so well have Jewish leaders succeeded in keeping these writings away from the Gentiles. In her discussion of subversive movements, Mrs. Nesta Webster of England, offers several quotations from the Talmud which include such statements as, "Kill the best of the Gentiles" and "Tradition tells us that the best of the Gentiles deserve death".

Graetz, a writer on Jewish history, speaks of a converted Jew and former student of the Talmud by the name of Donin who, after his baptism in the thirteenth century, "brought charges against the Talmud saying that it was filled with abuse against the founder of the Christian religion . . . Donin demonstrated that it was the Talmud which prevented the Jews from accepting Christianity, and that without it they would certainly have abandoned their state of unbelief. He stated that the Talmudical writing taught it was a meritorious action to kill the best man among the Christians . . . that it was lawful to deceive a Christian without any scruple."

What stronger argument for the authenticity of such quotations from the Talmud is needed than to contemplate the solemn fact that exactly this kind of a program of destruction is being carried out, particularly in Russia where the orgy of killing has resulted in the slaying of millions of Gentile Christians? ... Later, during the revolution when Russia was pillaged, few towns were so torn as Odessa, the home of Ginzberg and the headquarters of the Sons of Moses. Among other things a Christian orphanage was destroyed and all the children shot to death. The Jewish leader, Deutsch, head of the Soviet police, organized the rape of women. He brought in brutal Chinese and other foreigners, formed them into bands and turned them loose like savage beasts, to literally devour the Gentile women and girls of the locality. This horrible experience has been correctly termed, "an orgy of hell". For his services, the Moscow dictatorship decorated Deutsch with the Order of the Red Flag."

The protocols also have all kinds of revealing statements about usury, evolution, central banking etc that experts in the field have confirmed to be correct. And important. It is very unlikely to be a forgery and is almost certainly authentic.

"And us, the Jews? An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name "Genrikh Yagoda," the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU's deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin's collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system. After Stalin no longer viewed him favorably, Yagoda was demoted and executed, and was replaced as chief hangman in 1936 by Yezhov, the "bloodthirsty dwarf."
Yezhov was not Jewish but was blessed with an active Jewish wife. In his Book "Stalin: Court of the Red Star", Jewish historian Sebag Montefiore writes that during the darkest period of terror, when the Communist killing machine worked in full force, Stalin was surrounded by beautiful, young Jewish women.
Stalin's close associates and loyalists included member of the Central Committee and Politburo Lazar Kaganovich. Montefiore characterizes him as the "first Stalinist" and adds that those starving to death in Ukraine, an unparalleled tragedy in the history of human kind aside from the Nazi horrors and Mao's terror in China, did not move Kaganovich.
Many Jews sold their soul to the devil of the Communist revolution and have blood on their hands for eternity. We'll mention just one more: Leonid Reichman, head of the NKVD's special department and the organization's chief interrogator, who was a particularly cruel sadist.",7340,L-3342999,00.html YNET ARTICLE
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OK, so let's summarize the arguments for the authenticity of the Protocols:

Some flippantly dismiss the authenticity of the Protocols even though events they describe came true to the letter both in poor Russia and around the world in the decades subsequent to its publication...

The mere possession of the Protocols itself was deemed a criminal offfense - which fact alone is sufficient proof of their legitimacy.

The protocols also have all kinds of revealing statements about usury, evolution, central banking etc that experts in the field have confirmed to be correct. And important. It is very unlikely to be a forgery and is almost certainly authentic.

There ya have it folks, PROOF.
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The Protocols are known to be a renowned forgery, Xavier. You should do some more reading on this subject.

I recommend you, for starters, reading The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Between History and Fiction by Michael Hagemeister. He offers a short but piercing review of the myths and counter-myths surrounding this document:

"Investigating the Protocols, one often meets the border between fiction and fact and can observe how this border is crossed: the Protocols was compiled from a series of fictional texts and then presented as the authentic document of an actual conspiracy. But the literature about the Protocols also far too frequently ignores this border, when, for example, comprehensive and (admittedly) gripping stories take precedence over well-researched histories. We still do not know by whom, when, and for what purpose the Protocols was fabricated. What we hear is a narrative—to be precise, a conspiracy narrative. The actors this time are not Jews, however, but cunning secret agents, fanatical anti-Semites, and sinister reactionaries. The myth of the Jewish conspiracy has been responded to with a countermyth, which is no less mysterious than the one it aims to counter.

This shows that the critics of the conspiracy myth also too easily succumb to the seductive power of what they are trying to overcome. As the history of the Protocols indicates, the concept of conspiracy offers clear answers where in reality the relations are complex and opaque. Perhaps we will never discover the origins of the Protocols. But that should be frustrating only for a handful of historians. Everyone else already knows all too well what they want to believe."