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Re: Religious Liberty
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Re: Religious Liberty
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Heinrich stated:

Michael, you lived a bit in Spain under Generalissimo Franco? A person once gave anecdotes as to how all other "religions" were allowed to practice. In the respective embassies. This person, a "conservative" decried the lack of religious freedom that existed there.
 from 1939 (the end of the Civil War) until 1967, Spain was an official Catholic Country and no other religions were allowed to publicly practice their religion, in conformity with the teaching of the Church. In 1967, Spain changed its Constitution upon the request of the Vatican, in order to bring its Constitution in line with the novel teaching of Vatican II on Religious Liberty.
Here is an article from the N.Y.T. In !964 that explained (in its usual biased way) the situation:
The Concordat of 1953 contained a protocol upholding an article in the Fueros, or bill of rights, of 1945 that said : “None shall be molested for his religious beliefs or for private practice of his worship.” But the key‐ word is “private.” The basis of the Concordat is explicit. It states that “the Catholic, Apostolic, Roman religion continues to be the sole religion of the Spanish nation.”
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