Author Topic: Inconsistencies in the Vulgate?  (Read 1457 times)

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Re: Inconsistencies in the Vulgate?
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No, it didn’t occur, and quoting old sources all just repeating the same German Jew’s story or noting there was a some school there and debate in texts over canon doesn’t demonstrate that it did.

But what’s most curious is the significance you place upon the authority of a group of Christ-denying late 1st Century Jews practising and teaching a false religion.
Of course it occured.
I give them no authority other than what they held over the Jews of the time. It certainly sounds like you need to do more research. That the writings were destroyed is an historical fact. That someone had to recollect what they could find is a fact.  Josephus and many other early writers attest to these facts. What other group had the authority over Judaism at the time than the Sanhedrian and where was their base? Jamnia. I don't care what the modernist claim the facts are very clear as are the reasons to deny it.

What "modernist" reason would there be to deny Jamnia?

What "Traditional" reason would there be to affirm it?

Jamnia, from a historical scholarly perspective, is an anomaly. It's like the spontaneous generation of scientific thought around the same time: a bunch of bullshit.
It mainly has to do with the canon of the Masoretic text which leaves out the 7 Catholic Books. That should answer both of your questions.