Author Topic: Paul VI mothers gravesite  (Read 790 times)

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Re: Paul VI mothers gravesite
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We have to get in the character assassination while we still can.  If Paul VI is canonized, believe me, it becomes even more distasteful.

You make a compelling case.
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Re: Paul VI mothers gravesite
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Bishop Fellay attempts to explain himself to the Canadian Faithful
December 2012

... You probably heard that the very last days, now they have decided to make Paul VI a blessed.  To work for the beatification of Paul VI.  That’s UNBELIEVABLE!  Well again we PROTEST against that.

It’s wwwhhhh (air) well, the words are failing, it’s so incredible.  I give you just two facts, two facts:  One, the tomb of the mother of Paul VI, this is verified, so it’s not hearsay.  I did send someone to verify what I tell you now, and we took photos.  The tomb of the mother of Paul VI is a Masonic tomb.  With all the Masonic symbols.  It’s a fact.  How can a Pope allow his mother to have a masonic tomb?  Should help people to reflect.

Another one, even more serious. We say, “even more serious.” Under Pius XII, you know you had Communist Russia, was persecuting the Catholics, and suddenly, someone said to the Pope, “You have a traitor in your house, in the Vatican, who is dealing with Moscow against you.”  Pius XII did not want to believe it.  But the person, who was the Lutheran bishop of Helsinki, gave the proof, provided the proof to Pius XII.  His proof were brought to the Pope by I may say, a secret agent, he was a French military, and this is all documented, it is not hearsay. And so the Pope got the proof, that the traitor was the future Paul VI  When he knew that, he kicked him out of the Vatican and he made him the bishop of Milan. So there, we’ve got Paul VI after John XXIII.  And now they want to make him a “blessed.”  Really?  You think, they, they have lost, I don’t know, all of  their mind. It’s incredible, incredible.  My impression, that they try, they try to canonize,  they have tried to beatify all these popes that have brought in all these novelties – why?  Because they know they are at the end of their thing.  And they want to make like a monument that will stay in the ages by canonising all these things.  Now that’s my impression;  maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my impression once again.  Why insisting in making all of that, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, all Blessed:  WHY THAT? Why that? If you start like that you can make saint everybody.
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Re: Paul VI mothers gravesite
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Women can't be masons, so why would this be a thing?

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Women can be associated with Masons through organizations like Order of the Eastern Star.

Because they are associates, they use a lot of the same symbols.

See here for some examples:

My mom's paternal grandfather was a Mason and her paternal grandmother was OES. Papa never joined for some reason. My parents (non-Catholic) were invited once to an Eastern Star event. Said it was creepy as hell. Dad was propositioned to join the Masons but didn't, as he found the ritualism and cultish behavior off-putting -- having been raised Southern Baptist in an area without many Masons, he likely had a subconscious anti-Catholic bias which played into finding the ape of Catholicism equally repugnant. He's also a bit of a hot head and one of the Masons told him he'd never make it in business/life unless he joined. So of course, dad promptly decided he'd do it his own way and decided to never join them. lol

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