Author Topic: Questions for Xavier and other YECs  (Read 1179 times)

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Re: Questions for Xavier and other YECs
« Reply #15 on: September 26, 2018, 09:47:45 AM »
While we're speaking of "reason", here's a question:

How does a theistic evolutionist actually convince himself that the God he worships is good, nay, love?

I'm not interested in hearing scholastic angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin intellectualised rationalisations and moral sophistry to justify the mere assertion of it, where it's just a conclusion reached and signed off on in the face of the quite apparent moral dilemma that punches one in the gut when trying to reconcile goodness and love with the fundamental nature of this world and all the death, violence and suffering of innocents supposedly in it beforethe Fall. This is were the atheists again show more integrity and honesty than the theistic evolutionists.

This belongs in the Sacred Sciences subforum and so I will start a new thread and answer your question there.