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Re: Hello, friends. Welcome, Horse!
« Reply #15 on: September 16, 2018, 05:18:10 PM »
What brings you to SD? Traditional Catholic .....nice to meet like minded souls.
Are you a member of other Internet fora?  No ....I was a long time token Catholic on the Baptist Board of America, but no longer.
Why did you choose your username and avatar?  The first thing to pop into my head
What is your state of life - single
Whereabouts do you live "in real life"? New Zealand
Personality type? Melancholic
Favorite books? Too hard to define at present
Favorite movies? I have been a Tolkien fan since my youth so the Peter Jackson films are mine.  Also currently love Valerian the the Planet of a thousand cities
Favorite TV shows? yawn
Favorite sports/teams yawn
Have any hobbies? huge devotee of all things needle and thread, reading and book collecting
Pet peeves: folk leaving doors open when they were shut
Fun random fact about yourself: have sworn off sugar

Welcome, friend! :)