Author Topic: Best Ad Blocker, Image Blocker, Flash/HTML5 Blocker and Instructions How to Use  (Read 722 times)

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As the title goes, for those who want to learn how to use ad blockers, image blockers and flash/html5 blockers I have provided some links that will be of help. These extensions listed are the best and it is recommended to use them. If you don't use the extensions recommended, it is possible you are using an inferior extensions than the ones listed.

The best browser to use is Chrome and Opera (and similar web browsers) since they have the best image block extensions available.

Flash blockers and html5 blockers disable videos and audios from auto playing.

The last link also goes through on how to block advertisements in Windows 10.


Best Ad-Blockers for Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Microsoft Edge
Best and Safest Image Blockers for Google Chrome and Opera

Best Flash and HTML5 Blockers for Google Chrome and Opera


Best and Safest Ad-Blockers for Firefox, Mozilla Adblockers

Best and Safest Image Blockers for Firefox, Mozilla Image Block

Best and Safest Flash and HTML5 Blockers for Firefox, Mozilla


Best Ad-Blocker Opera, Image Blocker & Flash/HTML5 Blocker Opera


Best Ad-Block Internet Explorer: How to Disable Images, Flash, Java etc. in Internet Explorer

Best Ad-Block Internet Explorer: How to Disable Images, Flash, Java etc. in Internet Explorer



Ad-Block Element Rules for Manually Blocking Google, Yahoo and Bing Content

How to Block all Ads with an Ad-Blocker, Remove all Ads, Disable Ads

Why One Must Block Images Etc. And Not Only Block Bad Websites


How to Disable Windows 10 Ads, Notifications and Programs

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Good stuff, Jerome.  So happy you are back!
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You put a lot of work into those posts, Jerome.  :toth:
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