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A Prayer to St. Jerome.
« on: December 01, 2017, 10:12:45 AM »
I have noticed a lack of prayers to St. Jerome in devotional material, so I put this together from elements of the Vespers of St. Jerome in the Byzantine rite; perhaps someone here may find it interesting.

A Prayer to St. Jerome.
You offered to your Creator, O divinely-wise Jerome, uprightness of mind, purity, abstinence, concentrated prayer, and the outpouring of tears; taking the Cross upon your shoulder, and valiantly enduring tribulations, you were well-pleasing to God. You led to him a multitude of virgins, for you are the adornment of the venerable, the receptacle of the divine Spirit. Glorious Bethlehem, the city in which the Lord himself was born in the flesh, received your labors and the sweat of your ascetic feats, and it was there that you reposed in the flesh. Now you have been wholly illumined, O Jerome, and have been granted to behold the glory of God, upon which his most excellent servants gaze, and to sing the thrice-holy hymn, which is chanted in heaven by the angels. Therefore, since you have taken your stand in gladness before the Judge of the contest, the Savior of the world, we who faithfully celebrate your all-holy memory beg the assistance of your intercession. Amen.
O Theotokos; thou art the true vine that hath blossomed forth for us the Fruit of Life. Thee do we supplicate:  Intercede, O Lady, together with the holy apostles, that our souls find mercy.
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