Author Topic: Looking for marketing/small business hep  (Read 3410 times)

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Re: Looking for marketing/small business hep
« Reply #15 on: December 25, 2016, 04:56:23 PM »
edit - On second thought, you might be on to something. Perhaps you can use trendy branding to grab the customers's attention and lure them in. And then you could sell them the product while keeping the product itself intact. (Though, that still isn't really helping to change society's attitude overall. And it doesn't seem right to even be playing by their rules in the first place. But I don't know...)

Yeah, it's appealing to emotion, that is all.  H.'s wife is selling jewelery for a hobby and to bring in some money.  She's not making "art" for "art's" sake or trying to change attitudes.

And I'm not saying promote a hedonist lifestyle.  Just put "Colorado" in the title.  "Colorado Artisan Jewelery Creations" is not offensive or anything.  Though you have to admit "Roll Up a Fat Colorado Doob Jewelery Creations" is kind of catchy.

Minor point anyway.
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Re: Looking for marketing/small business hep
« Reply #16 on: December 27, 2016, 08:44:04 PM »
I'm poking through a list of industry associations from an advertising firm I have a subscription with.  One of the associations might be pertinent.

Craft and Hobby Association Marketplace Monitor

Craft and Hobby Association Home Page

In the interests of full disclosure, I've decided I won't be renewing my subscription with the advertising firm.  I had a year-long listing on the National Association of Church Buyer's Network but got almost no traffic from it and not a single lead.  I've decided the subscriber base for that site is mostly evangelical and there aren't enough Catholic churches involved so I'm not reaching the target market.  I was looking through the different associations operated by that ad firm in case I wanted to try something else but didn't see anything promising in their portfolio.  The craft site linked above isn't suited for my line of work.