Author Topic: Philadelphia, PA, Suburbs. Technology sales job.  (Read 1476 times)

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Philadelphia, PA, Suburbs. Technology sales job.
« on: September 16, 2015, 07:47:14 AM »
Suitable for someone who is technically minded and very interested in building a career in technology and technology sales.  Likely age 25-30.

Company are doing very well winning all manner of contracts (through me mostly).  You'd work directly for the CTO, actually working at his massive house on the days when he is in the country and from home otherwise.  He's a family guy, moral decent chap I've known for years by working for his company.  Mathematics genius.   I consider him a good friend.

Indirectly you'd be working with me as I'm doing much the same thing for them on contract.

Job is selling, but very technical selling, so you need to be credible at a senior level and not scared to call those sorts of people.  We are selling artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to banks, insurance companies and telcos.

You'd need a degree, or a degree level expertise in computer science.
You'd need to be ready to learn how to sell and approach senior business people and set appointments.
You need to live in the Phil, PA environs and travel by car to his home office.  His house is about 6000SqFt so pretty sure the office set up will be decent and purpose built.  You won't be working in a garage or a spare bedroom.
Salary won't likely exceed $60k per year, at first, but if you can get him decent quality appointments there will be bonuses of a few grand per quarter.  Do well and you could gross over $100k in your first year.
After 3 months when he is travelling and not working from the US, about 50% of the time, you can work from home.  It will be internet and phone based.

PM me if you think you fit the role.