Author Topic: Manly engine question  (Read 725 times)

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Manly engine question
« on: April 25, 2015, 11:19:55 PM »
If you know anyone that is great with engines, please show them this video.  My mower is doing exactly the same thing as this dudes.  Exactly:
To date:
1.  Tore down carb and cleaned.  Looked clean, maybe minor gum in one jet, but don't think so.
2.  Pulled magneto coils and checked.  Showed 4 kohms resistance, on both connections on each coil.  Since everything matched, I'm assuming coils are good.
3.  Changed spark plugs.  They were sparking.  Both cylinders firing.
4.  Checked rocker/stem clearance.  Interestingly there was none.  Reset to 4 mils.  HOWEVER, the engine ran good for a year, and normally the rocker arm gets loose, not tighter, so I doubt this is it.  Waiting for gasket, so can't retest.

The dude that shot the video bought a new $200 carb, and it fixed it.  The theory on the internet is that there is a bad seal/o-ring/gasket, and it is sucking too much fuel from the bowl.  So flooding out.

Any ideas?  Fuel filter is new, and like I said the carb looked clean inside.
Engine: B&S 40777 02950 G5 22 HP v twin.
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