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Moving Sale: DVDs.
« on: April 24, 2015, 03:16:51 PM »
DVDs are priced at $2.00 each, excluding shipping. Sets are priced separately, and are listed at the bottom. DVDs were owned by a smoker. Title, Rating, and ISBN are listed, if applicable.

15 Minutes. R. ISBN: 078063361X
About Schmidt. R. ISBN: 0780642716
After the Sunset. PG-13. ISBN: 0780650158
Ali. R. ISBN: 076786977X
America’s Sweethearts. PG-13. ISBN: 0767866355
Analyze That. R. ISBN: 0790772663
Around the World in 80 Days. PG. ISBN: 078885626X
Assault on Precinct 13. R. ISBN: 1417030046
Bad Boys II. R. Unopened. ISBN: 1404928103
Bad Company. PG-13. ISBN: 0788841599
Bandits. PG-13. ISBN: 072852141
Banger Sisters. R. Includes Fullscreen and Widescreen Versions. No ISBN.
Be Cool. PG-13. ISBN: 079286734X
Belles on Their Toes. (Sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen) NR. No ISBN
Black Hawk Down. R. ISBN: 076787062X
Blood Work. R. ISBN: 0790775824
Blue Streak. PG-13. ISBN: 0767837355
Bringing Down the House. PG-13. ISBN: 078884878X
Calendar Girls. PG-13. ISBN: 078884900X
Charlie’s Angels: Special Edition. PG-13. ISBN: 0767861728
Cheaper by the Dozen (remake). PG. Includes Fullscreen and Widescreen Versions. No ISBN.
Clockstoppers. PG. ISBN: 0792182006
Cold Mountain. R. ISBN: 0788854429
Collateral Damage. R. ISBN: 0790761513
Corky Romano. PG-13. ISBN: 0788833782
Daredevil. PG-13. Widescreen. No ISBN.
Dawn of the Dead. R. ISBN: 1417011343
Driven. PG-13. ISBN: 0790758555
Enough. PG-13. ISBN: 076788745X
Fantastic 4. PG-13. Widescreen Edition. No ISBN.
Flightplan. PG-13. ISBN: 0788857746
Friday Night Lights. PG-13. ISBN: 1417011416
Gangs of New York. R. ISBN: 0788846361
Goldmember. PG-13. ISBN: 0780640810
Grosse Pointe Blank. R. ISBN: 1558908382
Hancock. NR. ISBN: 1435939433
Hanging Up. PG-13. Includes Widescreen and Fullscreen Versions. No ISBN.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. PG. ISBN: 0790773104
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. PG. ISBN: 079076735X
Head of State. PG-13. ISBN: 0783292058
High Crimes. PG-13. No ISBN.
Hitch. PG-13. ISBN: 1404983961
Hunted. R. ISBN: 0792187067
I,Robot. PG-13. Widescreen. No ISBN.
Insomnia. R. ISBN: 0790771977
I-Spy. PG-13. ISBN: 0767890574
Jarhead. R. ISBN: 1417051442
K-19: The Widowmaker. PG-13. ISBN: 0792182065
King Kong. PG-13. ISBN: 1417027649
Love Actually. R. ISBN: 0783284306
Maid in Manhattan. PG-13. ISBN6: 1460490271
Man of the House. PG-13. ISBN: 1404948252
Man on Fire. R. Widescreen. No ISBN.
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. PG-13. Widescreen. No ISBN.
Mean Girls. PG-13. 1415700133
Men in Black II. PG-13. ISBN: 0767882075
Men in Black. PG-13. ISBN: 0767891236
Million Dollar Baby. PG-13. ISBN: 1419802496
Minority Report. PG-13. ISBN: 0783270550
Misery. R. ISBN: 0792846443
Monster-in-Law. PG-13. ISBN: 0780652347
Mr. and Mrs. Smith. PG-13. No ISBN.
Mr. Deeds. PG-13. ISBN: 0767882083
Munich. R. ISBN: 1417080922
Murder By Numbers. R. 0790771950
Murder in the First. R. ISBN: 0790741660
My Big Fat Greek Wedding. PG. ISBN: 0783122322
Mystic River. R. ISBN: 0790780372
Nanny McPhee. PG. ISBN: 1417030267
National Security. PG-13. ISBN: 0767882067
Ocean’s Eleven. PG-13. ISBN: 0790768623
Ocean’s Twelve. PG-13. ISBN: 0790795353
One Hour Photo. R. Widescreen. No ISBN   
Panic Room. R. ISBN: 0767867092X
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. PG-13. ISBN: 0788848011
Princess Diaries 2. G. ISBN: 078885464X
Red Dragon. R. ISBN: 0783268807
Road to Perdition. R. ISBN: 0783274459
Rosewood. R. ISBN: 0790732211
Roy Orbison: Black & White Night. [concert] NR
Scarface. NR. ISBN: 078328344X
Scarface. Two-Disc Anniversary Edition. R. Unopened. ISBN: 0783283865
Secondhand Lions. PG. ISBN: 0780646398
Showtime. PG-13. ISBN: 0790771926
Sideways. R. No ISBN.
Signs. PG-13. ISBN: 078884282X
Solaris. PG-13. Widescreen Edition. No ISBN.
Space Cowboys. PG-13. ISBN: 0790752271
Spanglish. PG-13. ISBN: 1404954996
Spiderman 2 PG-13. ISBN: 1404956433
Spider-Man. PG-13. ISBN: 0767898729
Spy Game. R. ISBN: 0783263619
Star Trek: Nemesis. PG-13. ISBN: 0792187040
Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones. PG. Widescreen. No ISBN
Starsky & Hutch. PG-13. ISBPGN: 0790782928
Suicide Kings. R. Special Edition. No ISBN.
Sweet Home Alabama. PG-13. ISBN: 0788842978
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby-Uncut. NR. ISBN: 1424838916
Tears of the Sun. R. ISBN: 1404902740
Tempo. R. ISBN: 0783271271
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. R. ISBN: 0790780410
The Aviator. PG-13. ISBN: 079079523X
The Bourne Identity. PG-13. ISBN: 0783263597
The Bourne Supremacy. PG-13. ISBN: 1417003448
The Butterfly Effect. R. ISBN: 0780647998
The Chronicles of Riddick. NR. ISBN: 1417030399
The Count of Monte Cristo. PG-13. ISBN: 0788838121
The Day After Tomorrow. PG-13. Widescreen Edition. No ISBN
The Emperor’s Club. PG-13. ISBN: 0783278098
The Expendables. R. No ISBN.
The Haunted Mansion. PG. ISBN: 0788848402
The Italian Job. PG-13. ISBN: 0792189469
The Ladykillers. R. ISBN: 0788853724
The Last Samurai. R. ISBN: 0790782766
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Fullscreen. PG-13. No ISBN
The Life Aquatic. R. ISBN: 0788860921
The Manchurian Candidate. R. ISBN: 1415702225
The Matrix Reloaded. R. ISBN: 0790783886
The Pacifier. PG. ISBN: 0788858424
The Phantom of the Opera. PG-13. ISBN: 0790795396
The Punisher. R. No ISBN.
The Real McCoy. PG-13. ISBN: 0783229143
The Ring. PG-13. ISBN: 078326970
The Rookie. G. ISBN: 0788838334
The Score. R. ISBN: 0792173082
The Scorpion King. PG-13. ISBN: 0783267711
The Skeleton Key. PG-13. ISBN: 1417018534
The Skulls II. R. ISBN: 0783263252
The Stepford Wives. PG-13. 079219943X
The Town. R. ISBN: 1419893092
The Wedding Date. PG-13. ISBN: 1417042710
Tomb Raider. Special Collector’s Edition. Unopened. PG-13. ISBN: 0792175042
Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. PG-13. ISBN: 0792189388
Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. PG-13. ISBN: 0792189388
Total Recall. R. Special Edition. No ISBN.
Total Recall: Special Edition. R. No ISBN
Tropic Thunder. R. ISBN: 1415740097
Two for the Money. R. ISBN: 1417070374
Two Weeks’ Notice. PG-13. ISBN: 0790772671
U-571. PG-13. ISBN: 0783242336
Underworld. NR. ISBN: 1404956891
Uptown Girls. PG-13. ISBN: 0792859456
Van Diesel: XXX. PG-13. ISBN: 0767886771
Van Helsing. PG-13. ISBN: 0783284020
Van Helsing: The London Assignment. NR. ISBN: 0783288719 Unopened
Walking Tall. PG-13. ISBN: 0792861981
War of the Worlds. PG-13. ISBN: 141705784X
Wedding Crashers: Uncorked Version. NR. ISBN: 0780652495
Welcome to Mooseport. PG-13. Widescreen Edition. No ISBN.
White Chicks. PG-13. ISBN: 1404945377
Windtalkers. R. ISBN: 0792853784
X2: X-Men United. PG-13. Widescreen. No ISBN.
XXX: State of the Union. PG-13. ISBN: 1404990569


Survivor: Borneo. Complete 1st Season. Boxed Set. ISBN: 1415700877 $15
Entourage: The Complete Second Season. Unopened. $15
The James Bond Collection: 007 Special Edition.  $15
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Re: Moving Sale: DVDs.
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2015, 03:28:54 PM »
I rarely watch movies, but please, for goodness sake, burn "BlackHawk Down" and especially "Munich".

Munich... What a waste of an OODA Loop inspired cross dressing scene...
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Re: Moving Sale: DVDs.
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2015, 05:04:35 PM »
Thread closed, as all of these have been donated.
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