Author Topic: Your favorite Indulgences: Ones that can be frequently/repeatedly obtained?  (Read 323 times)

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So folks, which Indulgences in the new Enchiridion are your favorites? Which do you think can be easily or frequently obtained by all?

We have two lists here: (All Indulgences) (Plenary Indulgences only)

I think the two for (1) Reading Scripture reverently for at least half an hour and (2) Reciting the holy Rosary can be obtained by anyone, anywhere on any day. Thus they are very useful to us. The ones on (3) Eucharistic Adoration for at least half an hour or (4) Way of the Cross can be gained in most churches/chapels if we can visit them. It's again said that reading on the Passion of the Christ can substitute as far as the latter indulgence is concerned. Same 30 minutes.

Also, I have a question - one can gain only one indulgence for oneself per day, true, but can one gain more than one for the holy souls? Also, if by meditating on Scripture for half an hour, we gain one plenary indulgence, does that mean we can obtain 2 for 1 hour etc?

Second, the indulgences in the old enchiridion for the Heroic Act etc - are these surely and absolutely rescinded now? Can we at least believe that similar effects may be granted to them, if not by the Authority of the Church, then simply by the Mercy of God?

What else? Which ones are your favorites?

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