Author Topic: Why the very presence of helium in rocks proves earth is less than 100k old.  (Read 445 times)

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U238 to Pb206 has a convenient half life of around 4.5 billion years (not coincidentally close to the evolutionary "age of the earth"), so conveniently it's their preferred method of dating rocks! Just make many uniforitarian assumptions like that 2x the number of lead was originally present and voila, you've "proved" a half life of 4.5 billion years has passed, and the time scale necesdary for evolution to work has been supplied out of thin air.

 It's like looking at an hour glass half full and saying for sure half an hour has passed since the beginnjng. You don't know the original quantity. The only thing you can at most say is that more than half an hour has not passed since the sand started falling. It may be less than that; even much less; so the only thing the uranium lead decay shows is that the earth may be much less than the claimed 1.5 or 4.5 by, but it can't be more; not exactly very helpful, but right. Analogously, uranium-helium decay is better and gives us a much more certain upper limit of a maximum 100 k years. This time scale is sufficient to prove evolition false.

So there's a better way than uranium lead dating and it is based on the certainty that all helium in rocks would have diffused out in 100 k years. We need prove no more; this alone gives us a definite upper limit of 100 K for these rocks. This is confirmed by two independent lines of evidence. C14 found in some of the oldest rocks on earth; and c14 cannot survive more than 100 k years (has a half life of 5730); and soft tissue being found in the fossils near some of these very old rocks, which tissue too cannot survive millions of years. Many conclusions in this field of study are tentative and should be given with appropriate disclaimers, but thats not what the evolutionists do; regardless, all the evidence is quite consistent with special creation.

During the radioactive decay of uranium and thorium contained in rocks, lots of helium is produced. Because helium is the second lightest element and a noble gas—meaning it does not combine with other atoms—it readily diffuses (leaks) out and eventually escapes into the atmosphere. Helium diffuses so rapidly that all the helium should have leaked out in less than 100,000 years. So why are these rocks still full of helium atoms?
While drilling deep Precambrian (pre-Flood) granitic rocks in New Mexico, geologists extracted samples of zircon (zirconium silicate) crystals from different depths. The crystals contained not only uranium but also large amounts of helium.1 The hotter the rocks, the faster the helium should escape, so researchers were surprised to find that the deepest, and therefore hottest, zircons (at 387°F or 197°C) contained far more helium than expected. Up to 58% of the helium that the uranium could have ever generated was still present in the crystals.
The helium leakage rate has been determined in several experiments.2 All measurements are in agreement. Helium diffuses so rapidly that all the helium in these zircon crystals should have leaked out in less than 100,000 years. The fact that so much helium is still there means they cannot be 1.5 billion years old, as uranium-lead dating suggests. Indeed, using the measured rate of helium diffusion, these pre-Flood rocks have an average “diffusion age” of only 6,000 (± 2,000) years.3

These experimentally determined and repeatable results, based on the well-understood physical process of diffusion, thus emphatically demonstrate that these zircons are only a few thousand years old. The supposed 1.5-billion-year age is based on the unverifiable assumptions of radioisotope dating that are radically wrong.4

Another evidence of a young earth is the low amount of helium in the atmosphere. The leakage rate of helium gas into the atmosphere has been measured.5 Even though some helium escapes into outer space, the amount still present is not nearly enough if the earth is over 4.5 billion years old.6 In fact, if we assume no helium was in the original atmosphere, all the helium would have accumulated in only 1.8 million years even from an evolutionary standpoint.7 But when the catastrophic Flood upheaval is factored in, which rapidly released huge amounts of helium into the atmosphere, it could have accumulated in only 6,000 years.8

So glaring and devastating is the surprisingly large amount of helium that old-earth advocates have attempted to discredit this evidence.
One critic suggested the helium didn’t all come from uranium decay in the zircon crystals but a lot diffused into them from the surrounding minerals. But this proposal ignores measurements showing that less helium gas is in the surrounding minerals. Due to the well-established diffusion law of physics, gases always diffuse from areas of higher concentration to surrounding areas of lower concentration.9

Another critic suggested the edges of the zircon crystals must have stopped the helium from leaking out, effectively “bottling” the helium within the zircons. However, this postulation has also been easily refuted because the zircon crystals are wedged between flat mica sheets, not wrapped in them, so that helium could easily flow between the sheets unrestricted.10 All other critics have been answered.11 Thus all available evidence confirms that the true age of these zircons and their host granitic rock is only 6,000 (± 2,000) years.
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Bottom line, belief in the origin of species by evolution is a consequence of a poverty of supernatural faith and idolatry of the human intellect and powers of reason.

Show me one saint who professed belief in this doctrine of devils.

But I’m meant to believe that the God who parted the RedSea and raised Himself from the dead couldn’t have created everything ex nihilism by fiat a few thousand years ago because, ummm, rock strata and we can fit species on the co ceptual scheme of a phylogeny and then interpret all data through the lense of our historical theory ... ok, if you say so, suckers.
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Just so you know, Kreuz, there are a couple of regular posters piecing together their professed beliefs as rebuttals. I would expect ETA at about 1600 GMT.
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