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Demons are legalistic rigorists.

This is true.  Fr. Ripperger relates anecdotes of exorcisms to prove that.
Speaking of Stephen Brady and his organization "The Roman Catholic Faithful," I remember when he publicized what happened to Fr. James Haley in the Arlington Diocese back in 2002.

Bishop Loverde tried to have Fr. Haley committed to a psychiatric hospital, but fortunately, he already had his own private psychiatrist to help him deal with the stress he was under, who helped him get out.

We attended a support meeting for Haley led by Mr. Brady.  Loverde had also attmpted to ban kneeling for Communion at that time.  I think one of the priests he mentioned in his depostion may have been a mistake.  The rest of that gang are really, really into all kinds of intrigue and problems.  Fr. Haley has been interviewed, and he seemed in lacking courage and fortitude.  But I can absolutely understand why he'd have been traumatized.  He found the horrific material on a (thankfully defrocked) priest's computer.  This same priest was a true monster, who embarrassed me in front of a lot of people because I'd said something about the demonic.  He yelled that I was mentally ill, etc.  It was scary, but one of the reasons I pay attention to spiritual warfare.  He probably freaked Fr. Haley out badly,   The damage bad clergy cause is so intense.
Ask a Traditionalist / Re: Working on Sunday?
« Last post by Gardener on Today at 01:37:48 AM »
So for clarification, we are allowed to do non-servile work on Sunday even when the non-servile work is for profit, correct?
e.g. Am I allowed to do my schoolwork, seeing as my education is directed towards a degree and learning experience, both of which are directed towards a possible career which will hopefully bring me sufficient income in the future?
e.g. Am I allowed to do non-servile hobbies, even when I'm getting paid to do them? (or when I am not getting paid, but will otherwise be profiting from them in the long run)?

Also, what's so special about servile work that makes it forbidden?

Non-servile work is allowed by the letter, yes. However, you should ideally not do so to engage with the spirit of the proscription if possible.

School work is fine, but again, you shouldn't if you can help it -- do it Saturday or something. The day *should* be devoted to sanctification: holiness: set apart.

Hobbies are good! But they shouldn't necessarily comprise the whole of the day.

Why servile labor and not non-servile? Because servile labor is part of the punishment of original sin:

. [17] And to Adam he said: Because thou hast hearkened to the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldst not eat, cursed is the earth in thy work; with labour and toil shalt thou eat thereof all the days of thy life. [18] Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herbs of the earth. [19] In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return to the earth, out of which thou wast taken: for dust thou art, and into dust thou shalt return.
Gen 3

Sunday is a break from punishment, not a punishment itself.
The Coffee Pot / Re: To what are you currently listening?
« Last post by Philip G. on Today at 01:07:50 AM »
 :-\ Bloody Spaniards.  If someone asks nicely, I will post a video of me hacking away on a guitar.

Speaking of Stephen Brady and his organization "The Roman Catholic Faithful," I remember when he publicized what happened to Fr. James Haley in the Arlington Diocese back in 2002.

Bishop Loverde tried to have Fr. Haley committed to a psychiatric hospital, but fortunately, he already had his own private psychiatrist to help him deal with the stress he was under, who helped him get out.

Father Haley and "The Boy's Club"
By Mark Fellows
Reprinted with permission of Catholic Family News, see Editor's Notes below.

   For years governments have had laws protecting whistle-blowers, These laws shield from retaliation those employees who come forward with evidence of illegal or immoral practices within their agency. The case of Father James Haley makes it evident that the Catholic Church in America offers no similar protection to its priests.

   Father Haley, a priest in the diocese of Arlington, Virginia, has been permanently suspended by Bishop Paul Loverde for testifying in a legal deposition about the immoral practices of his fellow diocesan clergy. In a formal notice to Haley, given on October 28, 2002, Bishop Loverde stated that Haley was guilty of violating an order for him not to publicize priestly wrongdoing in order "to avoid scandal, to maintain ecclesiastical discipline and to protect the reputation and privacy of both the faithful and priests of this diocese." 1. As quoted in The Washington Times, November 13, 2002.]
The Sacred Sciences / Re: Two ends of the Priesthood.
« Last post by Philip G. on Today at 12:43:21 AM »
I think we can get a glimpse of a false multiple ends theology from old law authorities.  There were pharasees, saducees, essenes and so on likely because there were considered by too many israelites to be multiple ends/priorities.  Is this an indictment of multiple ends theology?  I cannot say.  Are we better off utilizing and emphasizing mystery, or systematic conceptualization?

Apology accepted.  But Western Catholicism clearly ain't it.  Superstition masquerading as "theology" and "doctrine", dictatorial and overbearing authority, and a soteriology that belongs in Bugs Bunny, among other things.  Vatican II and the post-Conciliar Magisterium clearly show the West was simply blowing smoke for quite a while and many of its self-serving claims simply aren't true.

Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.  Western Catholicism actually works fine provided the leadership has the will to let it do its job and infiltrators aren't corrupting it.  The recent interview by Ben Shapiro of Edward Feser is a great example in which Feser had never actually studied Aquinas but rather studied caricatures of Aquinas' arguments that were simply toppled by the arguments of Rahner etc.  But in his effort to dig deeper in order to make the classroom experience more exciting and not a "rigged" fight, he wound up discovering the reality and not the scam.

It's a real application of Western Theology and Ecclesiology that exposes the superstitions and pretenses of authority not given.  Vatican I was probably the first attempt at 'reigning' in overblown papal prerogatives concerning infallibility.  Now Vatican I was practically ignored right out of the box with "theologians" and "manualists" trying to regain influence by taking infallibility and making claims Vatican I never made. You see the obnoxious phrase…"Infallibility also extends to…."  consistently by the Neo-Ultramontanists old guard.   

That failure to be obedient to Vatican I leads directly to Vatican II.  Neo Ultramontanism must be preserved in order to execute the destruction of Vatican II.   That's exactly what happened.  The scoundrels had a few decades of uninterrupted sway and that has lead to chaos.   It's good though because there will a thorough purge of a lot of the flotsam and jetsam accumulated over the last few centuries. 

But, a new crop of theologians are now fighting back.  Authentic Thomism is being rediscovered, Bonaventure is gradually taking new ground and Rahner and De Lubac and that ilk are fading in influence. 

Corruption is being exposed to all the world,  Francis is giving the world a lesson in the need to end Neo-Ultramontanism.  It's a beautiful thing to behold really.  It's like the breaking of a fever or the lancing of a boil. 

I actually heard a Protestant pastor on a talk radio commercial break make the announcement that "Pope Francis does not have the authority to change 2000 years of the Catholic Church's teaching." 

The West has taken a real hit particularly over the last 2 centuries.  But it's going to recover and the East (which took its own share of hits over the centuries) is going to have a great influence in that recovery. 

It's an interesting time to live in and it's going to be that way for a while.
Sorry to bump an old thread, but this was shared by one of my friends on a whatsapp group just today, so thought we could return to it.

There are many important and useful things in these exorcisms, and it is unlikely that, under forced exorcisms, the demons would be able to lie about these things which they clearly said against their will, as attested by the Priests and people present, and which agrees with much we know. I think it would be a mistake to simply dismiss it out of hand. Moreover, the whole focus in what they are compelled to say is on much more prayer and seriousness, suffering and sacrifice, warmings against modernism in the Faith and the suicide of altering the sacred Liturgy etc

Moreover, one of the things about letters being altered, not signed by the Pope etc are confirmed by what +ABL said about Bugnini:

"Does this mean that we must discontinue our private Masses, since we do not have faithful to participate in them?”

I repeat to you exactly that which Fr. Bugnini said. I have it still in my ears, so much did it strike me: “To speak truthfully we didn’t think of that,” he said!

Afterwards another arose and said: “Reverend Father, you have said that we will suppress this and we will suppress that, that we will replace this thing by that and always by shorter prayers. I have the impression that your new Mass could be said in ten or twelve minutes or at the most a quarter of an hour. This is not reasonable. This is not respectful towards such an act of the Church.” Well, this is what he replied: “We can always add something.” Is this for real? I heard it myself. If somebody had told me the story I would perhaps have doubted it, now I heard it myself.

Afterwards, at the time at which this Normative Mass began to be put into practice, I was so disgusted that we met with some priests and theologians in a small meeting. From it came the “Brief Critical Study,” which was taken to Cardinal Ottaviani. I presided [at] that small meeting. We said to ourselves: “We must go and find the Cardinals. We cannot allow this to happen without reacting.”

So I myself went to find the Secretary of State, Cardinal Cicognani, and I said to him: “Your Eminence, you are not going to allow this to get through, are you? It’s not possible. What is this New Mass? It is a revolution in the Church, a revolution in the Liturgy.”

Cardinal Cicognani, who was the Secretary of State of Pope Paul VI, placed his head between his hands and said to me: “Oh Monseigneur, I know well. I am in full agreement with you; but what can I do? Fr. Bugnini goes in to the office of the Holy Father and makes him sign what he wants.” It was the Cardinal Secretary of State who told me this! Therefore the Secretary of State, the number two person in the Church after the Pope himself, was placed in a position of inferiority with respect to Fr. Bugnini. He could enter into the Pope’s office when he wanted and make him sign what he wanted.  [my emphasis]

From op:
You must pray for him, pray much more. It is appalling for him to see the Church tumbling down with everything topsy-turvy. You must believe that he would like everything still to be done the old way. He would prefer it if the Council had never been convoked. He is aware that what has eventuated from the Council - its frightful, devastating, catastrophic consequences, cannot be halted. They cannot be halted, even by prayer ... If the Pope were not isolated and watched constantly on all sides, he would still have enough control for his words to reach the outside world. But during these last few months, it has become more terrible. Practically nothing reaches the public any more, and what he would still like to publish is immediately contradicted, modified, changed... to the point of falsification. It is falsified.

No methods are too low for the cardinals to promulgate their notions throughout the world. Nothing is too low, for these, are the Last Times. If we were not steering them on this course and did not have the cardinals in our power as we have, then they would keep a better check on themselves. But as we are all rushing around busily, and so many masters of black magic are following in our tracks, we have the cardinals completely under our domination at the present time. The best thing for you to do is to pray a great deal to the Holy Spirit ...

J: The Blessed Sacrament, the Blessed Sacrament. It is no longer adored any more; It has been put completely to one side. Exposition (of the Blessed Sacrament) rarely takes place. There are still a few ceremonies of Reparation in the churches of the “Traditionalists”; apart from that, it is now the exception (rather than the rule). And yet...if you knew how great this Sacrament is!

E: Continue, in the name...!

J: If it were realized what blessings flowed from the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar! Such blessings used to pour from It when It was exposed outside the Tabernacle and people used to make reparation in adoration before Him! That was very beneficial for sinners. All that does not happen any more, which is the reason fewer souls are saved - I would like to stop talking, I really would!

E: Continue, as ordered by the Blessed Virgin, say everything she charges you to say and nothing but the truth!

J: I am still required to say this (he sighs heavily): the bulk of the priests are blind. We blind them. But, with a little good will and much prayer to the Holy Spirit, they would in the course of time, regain their sight. The Rosary would be a universal remedy, but it has been done away with almost everywhere. It is no longer fashionable, no longer the “in thing”, so to speak.

E: Continue, by order of the Blessed Virgin, say all the truth, say what you have to say!

J: The chaplet of Sorrowful Mysteries would be the most precious of the three; what I mean is, they are all precious, but that of the Sorrowful Mysteries contributes the most towards saving souls. That is why, On High (he points upward), it stands out as the most precious ...
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