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Traditional Catholic Discussion / Re: What hope have we got?
« Last post by lauermar on Today at 09:43:39 AM »
Is this from a st alphpnsus sermon

as for hope.... not much.  after reading about the fewness of the saved I have pretty much given up on the idea of going to heaven and my family going there... maybe some of you lot will make it

I'll never understand why you post the way you do.

I also think you're dead wrong.

Some folks are spiritually dead too. It comes from a lifetime of chronic despair.  Despair has its origins in pertinacious sin. Sometimes, the sin isn't something a person is actually doing (like stealing or fornicating), but in an acceptance of erroneous ideas contrary to the faith, which one won't let go of.
General News and Discussion / Re: Just landed in Goa.
« Last post by Heinrich on Today at 09:02:15 AM »
Americans are to geography what ISIS is to Quantum Mechanics. ;D

Goa is part of India.  It's mostly Roman Catholic.

It is a place that the USAF has never bombed.
I sure as heck didn't know.  :lol:
But I have heard troubling things about human bathroom habits in India.
edit: I was hasty posting this before reading the thread.  Relieved you were in such a good hygienic  area!!!!  (germ hater here) :cheeseheadbeer:
I love this travelogue; I hope we all start doing this here in the forums.

Most people in India don't know Goa.
General Catholic Discussion / Is Modern Catechesis Effective?
« Last post by kmo_9000 on Today at 09:01:05 AM »
So recently there was a video by Bishop [Empty Hell] Barron, he was arguing for more of a protestant style of evangelism. This style isn't new, it's been promoted since Vatican II. Pope JPII in his book/interview "Crossing the Threshold of Hope" at one point indicates that previous styles of giving hard hitting dogmatic sermons don't speak to modern ears. Further, I've heard the same idea from certain known priests popular in the university "outreach" crowed in Canadian universities. In a private discussion/talk with other priests, he said "I don't think truth should come first, we need to be softer and emphasize charity more." [side note: you can't have charity without truth, Veritas and Caritas go together equally.]

The message seems loud and clear from the modern Church, a very specific tone seems to be promoted. My question though: is this tone actually effective in catechizing and keeping young people my age in the Church in the long term? No doubt there are some fruits, but wherever I go Church's are filled with and seemingly supported by aging baby boomers who will soon die off. I don't think that the modern way of doing things is producing enough fruit to support our buildings and keep the physical communities going both in people numbers and financial figures.

One last thing on this. The sermons we hear on Sensus Fidelium and the various websites that host sermons from traditional priests are exceedingly popular, especially considering there hasn't ever been any real marketing put behind them to promote these sermons/talks. My 95 year old grandma listened to one of Fr. Wolfe's sermons and her comments were essentially "wow, I haven't heard a sermon like that in a long time."

It seems to me that traditional, dogmatic, and confident preaching is not only effective but is what people crave and hunger for. It seems to me almost malicious for those priests and lay leaders to emphasize the current status quo and discourage traditional sermons from priests they view as "gone over the deep end." What's the Church going to look like for us younger people once all the boomers die off? I'm thinking we will have entire suburbs and large areas where Churches will just close, no Mass will be available, no confession. I mean, where I live this is really already becoming a reality.
General Catholic Discussion / Re: Tradition in Maine
« Last post by Heinrich on Today at 08:59:26 AM »
We'd  be lucky to tally 9 inches this winter along the front range. Sadly, it points to a hellish summer full of flames.
General News and Discussion / Re: Disney and social engineering
« Last post by Kirin on Today at 08:43:28 AM »
Why is this a problem?

It's a problem because wealthy corporate Jews are secretly using what seems like innocent entertainment to indoctrinate children in pursuit of a mythical equality of outcome that will result in increased confusion, unhappiness, and economic and social dysfunction.   

At least, this wasn't a problem when the Christian censorship board decided what non-Christians could watch or read during the early 20th century in America.

The vast majority of parents then and now don't want their children exposed to indecency OR propaganda.

I see, I just wanted to make certain it was as it appeared to be; a prime case of special pleading.

I do know the League of Decency faced intense criticism even during its own day, by Catholic and non-Catholic alike, for several themes that ran through the films it prioritized, chiefly unhealthy portrayals of relationships (everyone is happy all the time, if you're not somethings wrong with you and women are an obedient kitchen appliance) which was a critique interestingly enough lobbied against Fifty Shades of Grey by Christian groups years later.

It would be a better case if there was an attempt to have several views portrayed, rather than "mine or else".

Though even saying that I would have thought Christians would look more favorably towards Disney since even today; you will never see a divorced or openly homosexual character in a Disney movie because  of moral outrage from the Middle East.
The History Subforum / Mont Saint Michel
« Last post by red solo cup on Today at 08:30:25 AM »
What do they need to investigate? The Man wrote a book critical of the Pope. End of story.

Troof, made Maximum Leader look foolish, no need for law or procedure.
General Catholic Discussion / Re: Fatima is demonic
« Last post by Jon Paul on Today at 06:56:12 AM »
Regarsing the communication: perhaps we reconcile this by viewing it as a spiritual communion combined with a mystical experience. I'm sure the canons don't specify an age limit on spiritual communion.
Arts and Leisure / Re: Last movie you saw?
« Last post by Larry on Today at 05:05:39 AM »
I watched The Shape of Water. A very strange film filled with things that are troubling to the Catholic conscience, but it does have moments of transcendence and is very well acted, and beautifully photographed. One thing this movie has been accused of is bestiality, but the woman who falls for the Creature of the Black Lagoon inspired character turns out to be of his species. Still, the film has problems, and I can't recommend it even though it's technically excellent.
General Catholic Discussion / Re: Fatima is demonic
« Last post by Larry on Today at 04:58:07 AM »
Infants and little children receive from the Chalice in the Eastern Church.
But that's the east. 

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It's also part of the Catholic Church. The ancient practice of the Church was that infants receive the Blessed Sacrament under the form of wine. Also when St. Plus X was Pope, he gave Holy Communion to a little boy younger than Jacinta and Francisco, and he received the Sacrament without having to confess first.
 Canon Law was created for us, not God. He can do as He pleases and is not bound to our laws. All of the nitpicking about the angel usurping the role of the priest and what the law says about such things is bordering on being Pharisaical(that's not addressed to you, Kaes, just this thread in general).
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