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Title: Authorized Locutions: Pope must specifically Consecrate Russia.
Post by: Xavier on September 11, 2019, 02:02:50 AM
Authorized locutions published by Msgr. John Esseff have said that Russia must and will be specifically Consecrated by the Holy Father and the Bishops, and this step is necessary and will bring peace to the world at long last, along with the conversion of Russia and other nations to the Catholic Faith. Msgr. John Esseff was spiritual director to Mother St. Theresa of Calcutta, and was himself spiritually directed earlier by St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina.

These particular locutions can be found above in the book mentioned on Amazon, for 2014. They are also found online here.

When Russia is Consecrated
New Culture of Peace
Sunday, August 17th, 2014

After the Consecration of Russia, the beginning gift will be a conversion of hearts of those who control the nations. New ideas of peace initiatives will surface. World leaders will see that peace is in their self-interest. They should have seen this earlier but were blinded by Satan. Nations will move to true peace agreements, not the false pieces of paper they now call treaties.

The hearts of the people will move in the same directions. The hunger for war and the use of weapons to gain natural interests will be seen as outmoded ideas, the products of the past, foolish concepts that have no life in this new thinking.

The wisdom of true peace that was set aside in the selfish pursuits will regain its rightful place. Peace will be a constant, powerful light, set upon the lampstand. Even those whose hearts are not touched will be forced to walk on this new path by the power of the new culture of peace.
Title: Re: Authorized Locutions: Pope must specifically Consecrate Russia.
Post by: Xavier on September 11, 2019, 02:03:38 AM
When Russia is Consecrated
The Stirring in Russian Hearts
Sunday, August 17th, 2014

When Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, there will be a stirring in the hearts of all, but especially in the souls of the Russian people. They will receive an inner light and will understand what forces of evil were planted in their nation by Satan’s instruments.

As their hearts are stirred, more and more light will fill them. They will reject both what has been forced upon them and what, to some degree, they themselves have chosen. All of these evils have formed their nation and their leaders into instruments of darkness, death and destruction. In this new stirring, they will fully reject what they have become and what they had been forced to accept.

This stirring will grow greater as it manifests itself in outward demonstrations of a growing desire to return to its religious roots and, especially, to return to their devotion of my Immaculate Heart.

No one will be able to stop this movement because their nation will have been specifically consecrated by the Holy Father and by all the Catholic bishops of the world. I have put my seal of promise upon this act of Consecration, and the graces flowing from it will not be turned back. Even though the most frightful opposition will arise, the stirring in the hearts of the Russian people for this new light will not be turned back.
Title: Re: Authorized Locutions: Pope must specifically Consecrate Russia.
Post by: Xavier on September 11, 2019, 02:05:03 AM
When Russia is Consecrated
The Overcoming of Separation
Monday, August 18th, 2014

I will place such great gifts in the hearts of the Russian people that they will not be satisfied with superficial changes. Instead, they will wipe away the divisions of the centuries.

They will realize that I have released an ocean of graces which have changed their darkness into light. They will realize that they have been freed from the past century of diabolical control. They will also know that this great gift has come through the consecration of Russia made by the Holy Father in communion with all the bishops in the world.

They will begin to question why they are separated from the Holy Father. Would all of this darkness have fallen if there had been no division? They will cry out for unity with Rome. This ocean will be so deep and so powerful that it will sweep away all opposition. The Russian people will overturn the centuries of division that have been forced upon them.

That is why the Holy Father and all the bishops must make this Consecration in a public way and must specifically mention Russia. The Russian people must know the source of the gift. This is also why I wait and wait, even though the Holy Father delays. I must have the Holy Father act in the name of the Catholic Church so the Russian people know that the Catholic Church has released this gift. In this way, they will desire and bring about union with the Catholic Church.

I unfold these revelations so all the world, especially the Church, can see what I intend and why I ask what I do.
Title: Re: Authorized Locutions: Pope must specifically Consecrate Russia.
Post by: Xavier on September 11, 2019, 02:07:02 AM
When Russia is Consecrated
Better to Wait
Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Before the consecration of Russia takes place, many events will happen that will change the earth. Why do I wait? Why not act immediately? If these powers for the good of mankind lie in my heart, why not pour them forth now?

When seen from earth’s perspective, the ways of heaven are often difficult to understand. Why did the human race lie in darkness for so many centuries before the Father sent his only begotten Son? Jesus came in “the fullness of time”, the earliest moment that the human race could receive. Heaven waited because earth was unable to receive.

Before Jesus began his ministry, Israel needed John the Baptist to prepare the way. Otherwise, Israel would not have been ready for the gift of Jesus. Only heaven fully understands what must be done. Earth gains only glimpses of the full reality. By my words, I pull back this veil. Yet, even when I reveal heaven’s secrets, who believes? Who accepts the messages? Who acts? Who responds?

I speak clearly. Heaven has a plan. That plan has been revealed. Promises have been made that will be fully kept once the conditions are fulfilled. Heaven does not change its plan just because earth does not accept it. Why do I wait? Certainly, it would be much better if the Consecration of Russia had already been made and the gift released. However, to release the gifts before the Holy Father and the bishops consecrate Russia would ruin the fruitfulness of the promises. It is better to wait."