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Title: Simple Precious Blood Devotion to avoid Purgatory (and obtain a Martyr's Crown!)
Post by: Xavier on July 07, 2018, 07:34:00 AM
July is the Month consecrated by the Catholic Church to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. Our Savior saw fit to reveal to great Saints a wonderful and very simple devotion by which all and each of the faithful are enabled easily to avoid purgatory, become holy, and even obtain for themselves a martyr's crown in Heaven. Here are His Five wondrous promises from Catholic Tradition. Many SSPX chapels have the same as a prayer card.

Please note promise 2 and promise 4 below. All Jesus asks is something so simple that all of us can do it, and should try to do at least 10 times more, offering it for 9 others. Simply to say 2 (or 20 etc) Paters, Aves, Glorias, in honor of His Precious Blood which He lost on the painful road to Calvary for 3 consecutive years. We can easily say 20 for the first 3 years, 40 for the next 3 etc, if we do, we will not only obtain priceless blessings for ourselves but for countless ther Catholic Christians also. Just imagine if a thousand or a million souls practiced this simple devotion, we can say 10 upon rising and 10 at night. It'll hardly take time, will be very good for ourselves also, and if we pray in faith, perseverance and love, Jesus will likely increase the effects of the prayer much more than tenfold, because He loves when we ask for others what we want for ourselves, which fulfils the "love your neighbor as yourself" commandment.

Moreover, each prayer or good work has two effects, merit and satisfaction. Satisfaction can be applied to others; the merit is strictly personal and not transferred to others. So if we do 10 times as more, we will obtain ten times the merit for ourselves. This is how we can obtain forgiveness for the grievous sins of the world and holiness for ourselves and other Catholics, so that the Church can triumph.

Consecrating the Drops of Blood which Our Lord lost on His way to Calvary.

Copy of a letter of the Oration found in the Holy Sepulchre of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, preserved in a silver box by His Holiness and by the Emperors and Empresses of the Christian Faith.

St. Elizabeth, Queen of Hungary, with St. Matilda and St. Bridget, wishing to know something of the Passion of Jesus Christ, offered fervent and special prayers, upon which there appeared to them Our Lord Jesus Christ Who spoke to them in the following manner: 

I descended from Heaven to the Earth in order to convert you. In olden times people were religious and their harvests were abundant; at present, on the contrary, they are scanty.

If you want to reap an abundant harvest you must not work on Sunday, for on Sunday you must go to Church, and pray to God to forgive your sins. He gave you six days in which to work and one for rest and devotion and to tender your help to the poor and assist the Church.

Those people who brawl against My religion and cast slurs on this Sacred Letter, shall be forsaken by Me.

On the contrary, those people who shall carry a copy of this letter with them shall be free of death by drowning and from sudden death. They shall be free from all contagious diseases and lightning; they shall not die without Confession, and shall be free from their enemies and from the hand of wrongful authority, and from all their slanderers and false witnesses.

Women in peril at child-birth will, by keeping this Oration about them. immediately overcome the difficulty. In the houses where this Oration is kept,no evil thing will ever happen: and forty days before the death of a person who has this Oration about him or her, the Blessed Virgin will appear to him or her. So said St. Gregorius.

1. The plenary indulgence and remittance of your sins.
2. You will be free from the pains of Purgatory.
3. If you should die before completing the said 3 years, for you it will be the same as if you had completed them.
4. It will be upon your death the same as if you had shed all your blood for the Holy Faith.
5. I will descend from Heaven to take your soul and that of your relatives, until the fourth generation