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Interesting hobbies of children

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My children can be somewhat quirky.  ;) I am sure it has to do with being homeschooled and not having alot of money.  :cheeseheadbeer:

 They find interesting ways to keep each other entertained. The latest- playing spoons!
So now, I go to bed and dream of metal clanking and wake up to not being able to find a spoon to stir my coffee.

How about your family? What interesting hobbies do your children have that aren't considered the "norm"?

red solo cup:
My oldest collects animal bones. For Christmas I presented her with a deer skull I found in the woods.  My youngest collects cleaning products.


--- Quote from: red solo cup on January 10, 2022, 05:14:00 AM --- My youngest collects cleaning products.

--- End quote ---

Now this I love, a kid after my own heart.

My older son used to claim that he's the only middle school boy in Brooklyn who is into fishing, which is quite sad.  I think he is just bummed that his friend who used to go fishing with him moved away.  He joined a merit badge group with boy scouts and got to go a few times with kids his age.

Younger son wanted a recorder for Christmas so Santa brought him a recorder and he also gave me and my older son noise cancelling headphones

My 5-year-old daughter, since she was 3, has been obsessed with the tuba. And very much laments that I cannot buy her one.

She can also distinguish between a sousaphone, a concert tuba, and a baritone. She's really something.  ;D


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