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Daughter courtship problems

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My daughter informed me that her boyfriend (who she is planning to be engaged to next fall) is unable to spend either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with us because his mom said thatís her time. Am I wrong to see a huge issue with this?


My sister always said that until you have an engagement ring on your finger you owe each other nothing, and even then donít count your chickens until thereís a wedding date.

Thereís no way I would have ever spent Christmas Eve or Day with the family of a man Iím not even engaged to, unless they were like the most fun people ever, and even then I had my own fun family and probably would have still picked them.

If they do get engaged and married as planned youíll be happy to have had this last Christmas with your daughter all to yourselves.

I agree with queen.saints -- my husband and I didn't spend Christmas together until we were engaged.

Huge issue, yes you are wrong.  It is not a huge issue.

Is it of concern and worthy of further enquiry?  Yes.  Her future mother in law might be controlling and she needs to know who she is marrying.  On the other hand, she might want a family Christmas before her son ups and marries a woman.  She gave birth to him after all.

I let my children wander hither and thither.

I didn't spend Christmas with my husband until we were married and my mother would have gone bananas had I suggested it before then.

St Stephens day was traditionally the day that we would have met up with our boyfriends or girlfriends after a family day.

Have you met his parents, that is also something that would happen on St Stephens day.


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