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Hello all,
Please list any unique names that honor the Mother of God. Hopefully I will have to use one soon. Please list male and/or female names.


That site has a lot of good ideas and a recommendation for a book with 250 names honoring Mary.

The first Tabernacle.

From the book MARY THE MOTHER


BLANCHE MARY KELLY, Litt.D. (found on

In seeking Mary's patronage Catholics have appealed to her by a multitude of titles expressive at once of her greatness, power and compassion and of their love and confidence. Perhaps the most frequently used is her lovely name of Mary, with its countless variations and adaptations, such as Maryhelp, Marymount, Maryville, Villa Maria. Next comes the title Our Lady with its French form Notre Dame, joined to a phrase recalling some special aspect of Marian devotion. In the United States many churches are given the name of one of the famous European shrines, such as Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The Poles group themselves under her patronage as Our Lady of Czenstochowa; the Lithuanians, as Our Lady of Vilna; the Maronites, as Our Lady of Lebanon; the Italians, as Our Lady of Pompeii or Mount Carmel; the Spaniards, as Our Lady of the Pillar; the Mexicans, Our Lady of Guadalupe, etc.

Her sufferings are compassionated under the names Our Lady of Sorrows, Maria Addolorata, the Seven Dolors, and her tenderness appealed to in the invocations, Our Lady of Refuge, of Pity, of Consolation, of Solace, of Prompt Succor, of Mercy, of Grace, of Hope.
Sometimes it is her nearness to her Son that is honored, as when she is called Our Lady of the Sacred Heart or of the Blessed Sacrament; sometimes it is her pre-eminence as "the first born before all creatures" and then she is hailed as Queen of Heaven, Regina Coeli, Queen of Angels, Queen of All Saints, Queen of Apostles.

Under the title "Star of the Sea," she is venerated as the patroness of sailors, and invoked for safety and prosperity at sea. Seaside dwellers call upon her as Notre Dame du Bon Port, Notre Dame du Bon Voyage. The beautiful title "Our Lady of the Lake" is another aspect of the tendency to invoke her protection upon a particular locality, as is also Our Lady of the Fields, Our Lady of the Mountain, St. Mary's of the Mount, Marymount, Mount St. Mary's, Maryknoll, St. Mary's of the Woods.

It is scarcely necessary to mention all the churches, shrines, chapels and convents which commemorate some mystery or event of her life, such as her Immaculate Conception, the Annunciation, her Maternity, her Purification, her Assumption, or some form of devotion to her, as the Holy Rosary, the Sacred Heart of Mary, the Most Pure Heart of Mary. They are all evidences of the vitality of the Catholic faith, to which the events of nineteen centuries ago are the realities of today.

Oops, I just read your question again. This isn't really what you asked for...  :(

Thank you for your replies.

And I didn't mind reading what you posted Lynne!  ;D


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