Author Topic: Geocentrism a Unanimous teaching of the Church Fathers? Really?  (Read 1375 times)

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Re: Geocentrism a Unanimous teaching of the Church Fathers? Really?
« Reply #15 on: August 25, 2020, 08:43:40 AM »
There’s a lovely lady flat-earther who’s a housekeeper for one of the SSPX priories. She’s not driving anyone away from the Faith. She’s a warm person, a hard worker, and a joy to be around. Your heart is what will ultimately lead people to the Faith or drive them away from it, not scientific opinions, fringe or otherwise.

Willfully believing in falsehoods would seem to indicate a bad heart though. Because if Jesus is truth then to hate truth is to hate Jesus. As for this particular woman, I'm not in the position to judge her. Maybe she's spent too much time around the flat earth crowd and has been honestly duped. And perhaps she'll change her mind if and when she comes to realize that she's wrong. However, if she or other Christian flat earthers give off the impression that Christianity is some sort of crazy flat earth cult, then we have a problem. Most people would rather avoid crazy cults which are out of touch with reality. (Even more so when the people promoting flat earth and other such views come across as stubborn and arrogant.)

Flat earth really isn't comparable to geocentrism though, as the former is a question of science whereas the latter is not, and the latter has historical basis among Christians whereas the former does not.
Obviously science can't prove its own axioms, but for flat earth to be true you'd more or less need to reject the axioms without any good reason for doing so, and then you'd need to come up with some crazy new theory, probably ad hoc, to account for the fact that the earth is measured/observed as round when it's really flat. That, or you could go with the conspiracy theory, bearing false witness against all the reputable astronomers, baselessly accusing them of lying about the measurements and faking the photographs and stuff.
Geocentrism, on the other hand, isn't a question of science. Science cannot tell us what's at the center of the universe, whether there even is a center, or even whether space is absolute rather than relative. Since it's an open question, there's nothing wrong with choosing to believe in geocentrism over heliocentrism or acentrism, especially seeing as geocentrism was clearly the majority view at least prior to the Renaissance. (However, we do need to reject the idea that planets travel in perfect circles as well as the idea that everything above the moon is perfect and unchanging, both of which science has shown to be false.)

Good people, quietly going about their lives, fulfilling the duties of their state in life on the one hand. Ourselves, wasting incredible amounts of time on the internet loudly arguing about scientific ideas on the other.

Who has the bad heart? Who’s the arrogant and stubborn one? Who is more like a little child and shall enter into the kingdom of heaven?

Your lady friend is probably a flat earther from spending too much time on the internet. 
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