lack of common sense

Started by clau clau, July 19, 2023, 03:32:21 AM

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clau clau

From the article below:

However, when the vaccines became a possible escape from the medieval pseudo-science
that was destroying our economy and society, I became a vaccine advocate on the basis that
if it was what it would take to end people's fear, bring it on!   


Will lack of common sense bring about the fall of the west (Babylon?)

How did the author of the article not see that the same authorities who were promoting
the 'medieval pseudo science' were also pushing the vaccine.

This person then not only took the vaccine once, but then took it again on doctors advice when clearly suffering from the effects of the first vaccine.

We are doomed!
Father time has an undefeated record.

But when he's dumb and no more here,
Nineteen hundred years or near,
Clau-Clau-Claudius shall speak clear.


I think i was vaccine-injured from ones that I had as a baby, and I chose not to give my baby (she's 9 weeks now) any as there's a good chance she could develop some auto-immune issue or condition that would force us to take her to the doctor all the time. And no one could explain why I had eczema or allergies and they would blame it on my "genetics" even though my family history didn't show that. I also struggle with memory issues. It's not only the c-vax that you have to look at but all of them especially the ones they push onto babies.


The fact that schools make it mandatory to get them is a red flag. And the vaccine injury compensation that comes out of our tax dollars... Oh, the gas-lighting when you tell the doctor that you don't feel good after the vaccine! And people still can't explain why autism is on the rise...


I think the best thing is to laugh at these fools.

Instead of being sad they are dead, you should celebrate that someone hopefully wiser than they are gets to live in their house.  Every cloud has a silver lining.

If God vomits the lukewarm from His mouth then I don't see any reason to lose any sleep over self-destructive moronic muppets.
Contentment is knowing that you're right. Happiness is knowing that someone else is wrong.