Vatican launches investigation into UK sex party at church

Started by james03, January 23, 2023, 03:57:13 PM

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Here's the priest that scheduled the sex party.  He ended up dead and his cellphone was factory reset:

QuoteOn April 10 a man attended Mr McCoy's apartment 'as part of the provision of support for him' and became concerned when he did not get an answer.

The concierge service helped him gain access to the apartment, where Mr McCoy was found dead.

Mr McCoy had not left a note, and his mobile phone and tablet had been factory reset, and nothing could be retrieved from them.
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I bet certain individuals at the Vatican are mad they weren't invited.... they could've brought the party drugs!
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I would not want to be involved with any probe from the Vatican.

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Don't come near me with that probe, I don't know where it's been.
Contentment is knowing that you're right. Happiness is knowing that someone else is wrong.


This sounds like the stuff that went on when Bernadin was the Cardinal of Chicago, including the murder.
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My gaydar goes off just looking at him. He looks the part.
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Just boys being boys. What is the Vatican upset about? There are a heck a lot more of them in the Vatican than were at the party.