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Estate planning and the future generations


I have become acquainted with many "trust fund babies" over the years, some of whom have illustrious descendants. When you look at the history of these families, you could tell that they would never, not in a million years, support immoral causes such as LGBT rights. Yet almost all of the trust fund babies I have known are passionately into left wing causes, including LGBT (some are LGBT themselves). I imagine that their grandfathers (or further generations back) would have rather dumped their fortunes into the bay than have some immoral descendants of theirs darken their names and spending their money that way.

Most discussions on whether or not children should be given inheritances is based on whether the descendants will live idle lives, which is a good thing to consider. I don't see any attention given to whether the descendants will live dissolute lives.

I worry that my heirs (and future heirs) will abandon traditional Catholicism, become immoral people, and spend my money doing it. Do any of you have this worry?

I don't know of a solution other than not leaving anything or only leaving such a small amount that it can't be inherited by the next generation. Any suggestions? I am about to plan my estate so I've been thinking about this lately.


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