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How do I get through this situation?

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Iím in need of advice from those of you who have been through helping your young adult children discern who a good future partner would be. I have a young adult daughter who has met a man thatís 3
years away from graduating college and will be joining the military afterwards. He seems very nice but there are some things that worry me. Heís a Catholic but a regular NO Catholic and I donít think heís ever been to the TLM. My daughter really likes him a lot, but sheís very modest and devout, and Iím not sure heís the same. He mentioned the fact he watches some rated R movies that I would absolutely forbid my kids from watching. I worry about if she were to marry him they would fight a lot because she was raised with traditional Catholic values and he was raised with modern Catholic values. I think she believes she can be a good influence on him.

So my question is: how much input do I have about this? Sheís an adult who lives at home but I also donít want to be so pushy she leaves and makes a horrible marriage choice sheíll never be able to get out of.

1) According to Fr Ripperger you have almost 0 input, you can only advise. But she is under 0 obligation to listen to you (up to a point)

2) This is the definition of Trad scruples. You mentioned he occasionally watches an R rated movie... But have no fears about him joining the military? You got it backwards lady. I would be MUCH more worried about him joining the military than watching James Bond for example

Instead of whinging on a forum how about hanging out with him more? If he's an honest Catholic, albeit modern, he'll be easy to sway.... If you're not scrupulous so better leave it to your daughter tbh.

How many times do Trads not realize that just because modern Catholics don't see what we see, doesn't mean they're inherently bad. Some are, sure, but a lot ofnus started as NOers and were honest, which is why we are where we are... Ao if he's honest bring him here too.

If he's CINO then you have problems. Binding prayers will help.

Iím worried about both actually. Thanks for the input

I watch R rated movies myself.  All the time.

I guess I should specify as there are some R rated movies I let my kids see such as Passion of the Christ and we did watch Silence as a family... but the kind of movies I forbid are ones that show sexual nudity, porn, blasphemy, f-words, gory unnecessary violence. Regular violence doesnít concern me. Iíve even let them see Braveheart and Gladiator with filters and fast forwarding


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