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Expenses of caring for pets

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I was intellectually aware that the expense of caring for pets could end up being a lot, but now that I have a dog I am experiencing it.  I expect to face more decisions of this sort as time goes on and I'm wondering what other pet owners here do/think.

What sort of Catholic principles do people use to decide how much is reasonable to spend on pets and what expenses are justified? 

The Curt Jester:
What expenses would depend upon your means.   For me, beyond the initial cost of getting a pet, anything that costs more than a couple hundred would mean the axe.

At another web community I visit, people are by and large on the left.  I go there mostly to read about movies as some of them have good taste.

One section of the site is Q and A and there are a lot of questions about pets and how to handle things.  In the absence of children, these people are willing to fork over thousands and tens of thousands of dollars for their pets' care as they deal with everything from getting hit by a car to pet cancer.  I've even seen commercials on TV for pet funerals, honest to goodness funerals at funeral homes.

In the end, there is no upper limit on what people are willing to spend.  So you need to make a decision.  You love your dog, but are you going to be one of those people?

The Curt Jester:
Something else to think about:  if the cost of caring for an old pet becomes more than that of obtaining a new one, just get a new one.  This will mean (generally) an animal that is less grumpy, an animal that is less likely to mess on the floor, and an animal that is much more likely to be useful (watchdog, mouser, etc.).

red solo cup:
I can't remember his name but there is a poster on here who once said that the only way to justify the cost of pet food was if one planned one day to eat the afore mentioned pet. I think he may have once lived out in the Atlantic.


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