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due to personal boycott of anything Amazon, which ebook would you buy?

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Since Wayfair gate and AMazon and a few other major retailers may be allegedly involved in child trafficking, I cannot stomach the idea of purchasing on Amazon until it is fully investigated (I know, yeah right!!).  So what ebook could you recommend for my teens going forward on a new journey of homeschooling?

Are you looking for some specific to the topic of homeschool transition, or any book they might enjoy? 

Are you liking for an alternate ebook seller, or specific book recommendations?

I am looking for the device itself and then to download age appropriate general books.  This won't be for school learning but more for leisure reading but to develop their intellect.

If you want just an ereader, then a Kobo might work. You could either get books from their bookstore, or from Google Play books. If you want a tablet, I can only think of Samsung. Same, you would get books from Google Play books.  For book suggestions, I recommend Fr. Finn's books for kids, as well as Edith Nesbit. These are available for free on


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