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Tips on making a youtube video? Can it be done using a phone or laptop?


I am very impressed by an evangelistic video like the below, which speaks of God and the Evidence for Creation.

I would like to know the technical aspects of how to make a video like this if the people here know about it.

The narrator shows a series of moving slides while recording. That is an ideal format. Were PPT slides used?

I really don't know the first thing about creating videos like this. A live video on a phone seems much easier.

But it's a video like this that I want to create. Any tips from the experts here on how to go about doing it?

I have no idea how to do it on a phone (or whether that's even possible), but it can be done relatively easily on a computer if you have the right sort of software. I've only used Final Cut Pro on Mac, but I'm sure other video editing software is similar. (You could probably do it on a laptop, but I'm not sure. You need a lot of RAM and probably a good video card too)

All you do is record the audio first, and then add in the videos after the fact. (Make sure you have a good microphone) Since it's not a live recording, the videos don't need to play as you're recording the audio. All you do is record the audio first, then bring it into the video editing software, and then bring in each video clip, and trim the video clips to the right size, and make sure the timing is good. (The software has a timeline that you drag the video clips onto. And you can preview the audio and see the waveform, so that you can get the videos to synch up with what you're saying)

The much harder part would be getting all the footage, especially if you want to do anything fancy (like motion graphics or 3D animation).

This is another great video. The prayers on one side, and different spiritual images for each reiteration of the Chaplet of St. Gertrude prayer. Highly recommended video.

Ok, Audio and video can be made separately. But can I have some practical directions on how to get started, Daniel? I have a phone, a laptop, a strong internet connection.

For me, images are good enough. I don't need a fancy video; but I want a good one that communicates information. I want to do a video on a Catholic book. I have tons of information. What I need to know is how to present it. Is there any way I can do it using power point, Daniel? I've seen short animations done with PPT slides, but I don't know if a full video can be done like that. I can arrange the images in the video according to what is recorded in the audio. That won't be a problem. But I need to know more clearly to proceed.

I'm not familiar with phones and really don't know if or how you'd do it.

As for using a laptop, I suppose you probably could do it with PowerPoint. In that case, you could probably just record the video and audio at the same time. But I think the timing would be tricky that way. This is why video editing software would come in handy (because you can move stuff around and even cut stuff out). But if you just want to use PowerPoint, I don't see much reason not to.
Does PowerPoint let you export to video though? And does it have any audio recording features? (I haven't used PowerPoint in years, lol) If it doesn't have these features, you'll need to use some screen-recording software. (Not sure what you'd use exactly... maybe try HyperCam?) And ideally you should get a good microphone.
The only possible issue I see is that you might run into frame rate/performance issues. If you do, there really isn't much you can do about it other than use a better computer :(

So it would literally be just a two-step process:
1.) Design the PowerPoint presentation, and plan out what you want to say.
2.) Record the screen while playing the PowerPoint and speaking the words into the microphone.

Thanks, Daniel. HyperCam looks great and in a brief trial run, it works fine. Thank you.

Yes, I'll have to try moving the slides accordingly and speaking out loud as I do. God Bless.

Here's another video I really appreciate. A music video this time. With images for each bead.



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