Started by Adonis33, December 28, 2012, 09:37:09 PM

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Hello. I am a Traditional Catholic from San Antonio, TX.



Greetings, Adonis33!  Hope you enjoy your stay at SD.
Quote from: Bishop WilliamsonThe "promise to respect" as Church law the New Code of Canon Law is to respect a number of supposed laws directly contrary to Church doctrine.



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What brings you to SD?
Are you a member of other Internet fora?  If so, care to mention which one(s)? I go to CAF (rarely) and I spend quite a bit of time at FishEaters, although I do not post much.
Why did you choose your username and avatar? Adonis was a name a put on my name tag to be goofy while waiting tables, 33 was the age I joined my first Catholic Forum.
What is your state of life - single, married, religious, or still discerning? Married
Whereabouts do you live "in real life"? (be as specific or as general as you wish!) San Antonio, TX
Personality type? I haven't taken a personality indicator in a while.
Favorite books? Les Miserables, The Hunt for Lincoln's Killers, Where Eagles Dare
Favorite movies? A Man for all Seasons (Paul Scofield version), Gladiator, Hangover
Favorite TV shows? Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Sportscenter
Favorite sports/teams? Football - Dallas Cowboys; Basketball - SA Spurs (Hate the NBA, love the Spurs); Baseball - Texas Rangers
Have any hobbies? My kids seem to take up most of my time
Pet peeves: People who drive slow on the left lane
Fun random fact about yourself: I hate the water - I loathe anything that involves swimming pools.


"If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me."


Welcome and hello!  :) 

I hope you find your stay here to be lovely, and I look forward to you posting. 
Wie dein Sonntag, so dein Sterbetag.

I am not altogether on anybody's side, because nobody is altogether on my side.  ~Treebeard, LOTR

Jesus son of David, have mercy on me.