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Started by james03, January 16, 2023, 10:26:13 AM

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Malice is an agnostic jew, but a serious intellectual.  His main push is for anarcho-capitalism.  He went and wrote a book about the history of communism.  This interview is impressive, and I'll probably read the book.  The other book I want to read is "The Plot to Seize Russia" by insider Martin Armstrong.

Anyhow it is always cool when secularists report findings that match the predictions Catholics put out decades or centuries in advance.  Catholics are anti-communists and we have been in the forefront of the intellectual arguments against it, using Catholic theology as the basis.  And we were right, again.

Analogous to this is contraception.  You can read what Catholics wrote half a century ago and all the predictions are there, and they came to fruition.  It is interesting to see "Tradcon" secularists now coming out and announcing "the Pill destroyed this country". 

In a way this is a consolation to Catholics.
"But he that doth not believe, is already judged: because he believeth not in the name of the only begotten Son of God (Jn 3:18)."

"All sorrow leads to the foot of the Cross.  Weep for your sins."

"Although He should kill me, I will trust in Him"


Any serious intellectual would know that anarchocapitalism leads to the same ends as communism.
Schaff Recht mir Gott und führe meine Sache gegen ein unheiliges Volk . . .   .                          
Lex Orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi.
"Die Welt sucht nach Ehre, Ansehen, Reichtum, Vergnügen; die Heiligen aber suchen Demütigung, Verachtung, Armut, Abtötung und Buße." --Ausschnitt von der Geschichte des Lebens St. Bennos.


^^I think any form of ideologue that removes God out of the center of life of the people has the same trajectory. It is the reason empires and kingdoms fell because they do not place God as their priority. Successes were accomplished for a certain period of time by the Roman Empire under Constantine, the Carolingian Empire and the Hapsburg. They have common beginnings which was prioritization of Catholicism and adoration of Jesus and the Holy Trinity as the one true God. All of them were destroyed due to utmost consideration of the creations of God rather than Him. When wealth, power and the glory of mankind had been their desire.

There is no doubt that communisms is against the Catholic point of view. Its ideals however obviously creeped towards the highest place of the human Catholic leadership in the most recent epoch of our history. For whatever reason God is allowing this circumstance by way of His permissive will, I do not know. It is evident however that communism and godlessness is inside the doorsteps of the Catholic Church the way the devil was able to tempt Job and made him suffer.

The corporeal needs of humans is now the priority of our human Catholic leadership viewing from environmental concerns et al. The spiritual needs and salvific purpose of this Church that Jesus made appears to be taken as private act of the faithful in keeping with the demands of the secular world. I, as one who adores Jesus by way of NO Mass can hear that prayers are made to end the pandemic by way of the vaccine made like they are the instrument of God. I doubt it because we all know that some of the vaccines were taken from the aborted fetus. Many died because of that chemical concoction. Nevertheless, I submit everything to God and avoid the thoughts of getting angry from anyone because the demon may influence my perception and as sinner I do not want to open my mind to the snares of the enemy. Anger is just another emotion to be sinful.

I like to listen to Fr. Chad Ripperger when he preached that one should be detached from any of God's creation and should rather be attached only to God. Just my humble opinion on the subject matter.